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JavaScript Course Overview

Tekslate offers the best JavaScript training designed as per industry standards covering basic concepts to the advanced levels and gives you in-depth knowledge on Object Oriented Concepts and its implementation. As part of this training, you will master the core as well as advanced concepts of JavaScript’s products, relationships, scripting, deploying, designing and much more.
Course Duration 30 hrs
Live Projects 2
Next Batch 25 September, 2021

JavaScript Course Curriculum

  • JavaScript Syntax

  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • Basic Rules

  • Dot Notation

  • Square Bracket Notation

  • Methods

  • Properties

  • The Implicit window Object

  • The getElementById() Method

  • Event Handler

  • JavaScript Variables

  • A Loosely-typed Language

  • Storing User-Entered Data

  • Arrays

  • Declaring and using Arrays

  • Associative Arrays

  • Array Properties and Methods

  • JavaScript Operators

  • JavaScript Built-in Functions Number(object) String(object)

  • isNaN(object)parseFloat() and parseInt()

  • A Comparison

  • User-defined Functions

  • Passing Values to Functions A Note on Variable Scope

  • Returning Values from Functions

  • A comparison

  • String Object

  • Math Object

  • Date

  • Object, Uses

  • Using the type of Operator

  • If - else If - else Conditions

  • Switch / Case

  • while Loop Syntax

  • do while Loop Syntax for Loop Syntax

  • for in Loop Syntax

  • Understanding DOM

  • DOM Tree

  • Traversing the DOM

  • Accessing DOM Elements

  • Modifying DOM Elements Using JavaScript

  • Accessing Form Data

  • The this Object

  • Cleaner Validation

  • Validating Radio Buttons

  • Validating Checkboxes

  • Validating Select Menus

  • Focus, Blur, and Change Events

  • Change

  • Validating Text areas


  • Understanding Classes Creating Class Variables Public and private variables Class Members

  • Public vs. Private members in JavaScript

  • Inner functions vs. Class Members

  • Using the Object Context this

  • Creating class Templates using JavaScript

  • Understanding Constructors creating objects using constructors

  • Object creation by constructors vs. literals

  • Literals vs. Constructors

  • Understanding Class properties

  • Creating properties in Class

  • Accessing properties outside the class using Objects public properties,/li>

  • Private properties

  • Specific use cases of private properties

  • Understanding Methods or functions in classes

  • Creating methods

  • Accessing Methods outside classes

  • Public vs. private methods

  • Using public methods outside the class private methods use cases

  • Class specific computation using private methods

  • Understanding inheritance in JavaScript

  • Implementing inheritance in JavaScript

  • Single vs. multiple inheritance in JavaScript

  • Prototypal inheritance

  • Restricting Inheritance

  • Understand objects in JavaScript

  • Creating Objects Using Literals

  • Creating Objects Using Constructor Function

  • Understanding this

  • Creating Inner functions and using as member variables

  • Object Initialization vs. literals

Object Context

  • Understanding the object context inside member functions

  • Using apply

  • Using apply to transfer context

  • Object Context in Class functions

  • Understanding variable declaration

  • How declaration is diff from C type languages

  • Variable hoisting

  • Function variable hoisting

  • Scenarios

  • Understanding functions as variables in JavaScript

  • Immediate functions

  • Using immediate functions for clean global namespace

  • Using Namespaces in JavaScript

  • Anonymous function applications

  • Assigning value to function variables

  • Closures

  • Closures Applications

  • Closures in Loop

  • Scope Chain

  • Getters and setters

  • Iterators

  • Eval()

  • Understanding Prototype

  • Enumerable properties

  • Iterating through Properties

  • Understanding proto

  • The proto chain

  • Proto Hierarchy

  • Browser Environments and proto behaviour

  • Understanding inheritance in JavaScript

  • Inheritance using prototype

  • Inheritance using temporary constructor

  • Creating own extend functions for inheritance

  • Creating super in JavaScript

  • Objects Shallow copy

  • Objects deep copy

  • Multiple Inheritance

  • Parasitic Inheritance

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JavaScript Upcoming Batches

  • Weekend

    25 Sep - 25 Oct

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    27 Sep - 27 Oct

    7:00 AM IST
  • Weekend

    2 Oct - 01 Nov

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    4 Oct - 03 Nov

    7:00 AM IST
  • Weekend

    9 Oct - 08 Nov

    7:00 PM IST
  • Weekday

    11 Oct - 10 Nov

    7:00 AM IST
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    JavaScript Course Objectives

    Upon the course completion, the student will be able to:

    • Design a functional website on the client-side.

    • Create, update, and delete HTML elements.

    • Use objects to access and change browser properties.

    • Validate HTML forms.

    • Optimise code using JavaScript Library.

    • JavaScript is the on-demand technology with numerous job opportunities for Certified JavaScript professionals across the Globe.

    • Many MNCs are recruiting JavaScript practitioners across the world.

    • The average salary of a “JavaScript” professional is $105,486/year.
    • HTML Programmers
    • Java Programmers
    • Individuals interested in learning JavaScript

    • Should be familiar with HTML and CSS

    • No prior Knowledge about JavaScript is needed.

    We will provide two real-time projects under the guidance of a professional trainer, who will explain to you how to acquire in-depth knowledge on all the concepts involved in these projects.

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    JavaScript Course FAQ's

    Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

    We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth. 

    We will share you the missed session from our recordings. We at Tekslate maintains a recorded copy of each live course you undergo.

    Our Trainers will provide the student with the Server Access ensuring practical real-time experience and training with all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

    We provide all the training sessions LIVE using either GoToMeeting or WebEx, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

    Live training uncovers distinct benefits as they are mighty to reach your desired audience converting your prospects into customers in less time. Pre-recorded videos offer plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs to educate entertain and inspire your audience as long as you want.

    You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to for your queries.

    Yes. We provide the course materials available after course completion.

    There exist some discounts for weekend batches and group participants if the joiners are more than 2.

    If you are enrolled in classes and have paid fees but want to cancel the registration for any reason, we will attain you in 48 hours will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

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