This lesson shows how to move OAF project files into Apps Server, or OAF deployment, or Registering OAF pages into Oracle Applications.

Here we are going to see how to move the files into the APPS server.

To move files from Desktop system to Oracle Apps server we need to use third Party tools like Putty, WinScp, etc..

Here we are using both Putty and Winscp, and let us see how to register OAF page into Apps Server.

Step 1: Move all Class files or Java files, to respective JAVA_TOP.

If we are moving Java files then we need to compile Java files explicitly in the server using the command

JAVAC   <>

If we are moving Class files then the compilation is not required, i.e., instead of compilation, we can move class files directly.

Note: The best approach is to move java files into server and compile so that server side compatibility will be there.

In Linux environment to know where exactly the JAVA_TOP is located type the following command in putty:


after changing the directory type the following command so that we will come to know the path location where exactly the JAVA_TOP is located:

pwd  (Present working Directory)



Step 2: After finding where exactly the Java top is located move the files into java top, let us see how to move class files, here we are moving class files to the JAVA_TOP using the WinScp

The below image shows the moving process in WinScp

Drag the folder from the left side and drop it on the Linux/Unix environment:


Select the folder drag and drop it to the server environment, after that one popup window will come and click on Copy button:


In the next lesson, we are going to see Import script, and why we need import script.

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