Advantages & Disadvantages of OAF

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The advantages of OAF are as follows:

1) End user Productivity 2) Enterprise Grade Performance and Scalability 3) Highly extensible Architecture 4) Browser Look and Feel of all the pages in application. 5) Open Standards such as XML, HTML, Java, JSP, SQL, and Web Services. 6) Application Customizability. 7) Developer Productivity.

The disadvantages of OAF are as follows:

i) Cannot see the layout at design time. ii) OAF Pages are integrated / compatible only with the Oracle Apps. iii) Drag and Drop options are not available. iv)  More R&D is required to design a form layout which is time-consuming. Check out our Popular Trainings OAF Training in Bangalore Structure of OAF Advantages and Dis-Advantages of OAF Creating First OAF Page in Project

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