Difference Between OAF and Oracle Forms

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Let us discuss some difference in OAF pages and Oracle Forms.  The below table lists out the differences between OAD and Oracle Forms.

OAF Follows MVC architecture and Client ServerArchitecture Forms Follows only Client Server Architecture
OAF pages are light weight components Forms are not light weight
OAF Pages can send through mobile devices Cannot send to mobile devices
OAF Pages can connect in Oracle Apps Local Machine Cannot (NOT APPLICABLE)
Look and Feel is good Not better when comparing to OAF
OAF pages are integrated with the Java Top Forms are integrated with Application Top
Commit always takes place in the Application Module’s (AM) Java code. When a commit takes place, the data from OA Framework Cache is transferred to the database. The COMMIT_FORM or DO_KEY(‘COMMIT_FORM’) commands can be invoked from any trigger that allows restricted procedures.
A page is divided into regions. Regions contain fields, buttons, tables, and other components. A form is divided into blocks; blocks contain the fields, buttons, and other components

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