MD-50 of Sample Project in OAF

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Let us see the MD-50 Functional Document of OAF project.

Note that here we are considering one Clinic called Newton Apples Hospitals which is nowhere located.

Project Requirement

  1. Every patient who is coming to the clinic for checkup we need to create one OAF page through which we will enter the details of the patient.
  2. We need to create another page which shows the details of the patients it means this page is just a search page.
  3. One more page is for updating the patient entered details.

The following image shows the sample design format according to that we need to design our OAF Page.


We guess every field what is there in the design page we know all are patient Details.

Only one field Review is what we need to know here, for every patient who comes for an initial checkup for him the next two visits within 10 days is free of cost and the first time the patient is considered as a new entry. So therefore for the first time Review Entry is New.

If the patient is going to visit the clinic next time within 10 days, then the patient details entered with separate patient id, but in place of Review rather than the new it will be entered as Review1 or Review2 (Rev1 or Rev2).

After entering the patient details, the first and main page will be searching the patient details the below picture shows the search page design format.


The above design shows the Search page design format.

According to the document, we need to create Patient Entry page and Search Page additionally, we are also creating update and details page.

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