Making Changes to the Repository in OBIEE
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Repository in OBIEEE

The same repository and project were simultaneously opened, demonstrating the MUDE. Adam and Helen are ready to begin their modifications.

Most changes that can be made to standard repository files are also supported for local repository files (such as abell.rpd and hmayes.rpd). You can add new logical columns, logical tables, change table definitions, and so on.

Physical connection settings should not be modified in a local repository. To prevent you from overwriting passwords and other important objects in the master repository, the physical connection and security settings, and database feature tables changes are not retained during a multiuser development merge. Note: All repository connection information specified in the repository metadata, such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), must also exist on the developer's workstation. To make changes to the repository, perform the following steps: 1. Select Adam's, Administration Tool. You can maximize the tool or simply select it from the taskbar along the bottom of your window.

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Adam's Administration Tool reappears.


2 . Click View and deselect Physical. The Administration Tool should look like this:


3 . Click View and deselect Business Model and Mapping. Only the Presentation layer should be visible in the Administration Tool. 4 . Expand A - Sample Sales.


5 . Select Customers and Cust Regions by using the Ctrl-click method.


6 . Right-click and from the shortcut menu, select Delete and then confirm the delete. This is an easy modification to track during your review process.


Adam Bell's repository should look like this:


7 . Click File > Save and do not check for global consistency. 8 . Select Helen's Administration Tool now. You can limit the view to just the Presentation layer if you so choose, just as you previously limited Adam's view. 9. Expand A - Sample Sales and select Products. 10. Right-click and from the shortcut menu, select Delete and confirm the delete. Helen's repository should look like this:


11 . Click File > Save and do not check for consistency.

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