JBoss default directory - Part 1

24 September, 2020


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The default/conf Directory

bindingservice.beans/           jbossts-properties.xml bootstrap/                 bootstrap.xml                   login-config.xml java.policy                     props/ jax-ws-catalog.xml             standardjboss.xml jboss-log4j.xml                  standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml jboss-service.xml               xmdesc/   Known in JBoss as jboss.server.config.url. Contains a bootstrap descriptor (jboss-service.xml) that defines which services are loaded for the lifetime of the instance The files in directory ${jboss.server.config.url}

  • bootstrap/*: Bootstrap descriptors for core micro container services defined in bootstrap.xml
  • bootstrap.xml: Defines the core micro container beans to load during bootstap
  • jboss-service.xml: Defines the core JMX services configurations
  • Specifies a set of properties that are passed to JNDI when new InitialDirContext() is called within JBoss
  • jboss-log4j.xml: Configuration file for the logging service (Log4J) defining log filters, priorities, and destinations
  • login-config.xml: Defines security realms used for authentication and authorization (JAAS)
  • props/*.properties: Java property files (usually used for JAAS realms)
  • java.policy: Placeholder for security permissions (Java Security Manager). Grant-All by default
  • standardjboss.xml: Configuration file for the standard EJB container
  • standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml: Configuration file for the standard JBossCMP engine
  • xmdesc/*-mbean.xml: XMBean descriptors for services configured in the JBoss-service.xml file
  • props/*: property files defining users and roles for the JMX-console

Any changes to files in this directory require a full server restart in order to take effect.

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The default/data Directory

hypersonic/             wsdl/ tx-object-store/       xmbean-attrs/

  1. Known in JBoss as
  2. The location where some services store private content on the file system
    1. Hypersonic DB - built-in (by default use as the temporary message store by JMS)
    2. XMBeans attribute persistence (not enabled by default)
    3. Transaction objects (temporary storage of objects during the two-phase commit process)
  3. This directory is not directory exposed to the end-users (e.g. through the web interface)

Unless you use Hypersonic DB, the contents of this directory (including the directory itself) can be cleared (deleted) between JBoss restarts.

The default/deploy Directory

CurrencyConverterApp.ear               jsr88-service.xml ROOT.war/                               legacy-invokers-service.xml admin-console.war/                     mail-ra.rar cache-invalidation-service.xml         mail-service.xml ejb2-container-jboss-beans.xml         management/ ejb2-timer-service.xml                 messaging/ ejb3-connectors-jboss-beans.xml         monitoring-service.xml ejb3-container-jboss-beans.xml         my-ws.war ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml               printservice.sar/ ejb3-timerservice-jboss-beans.xml       profileservice-jboss-beans.xml fortune.war/                           profileservice-secured.jar/ hdscanner-jboss-beans.xml               properties-service.xml hsqldb-ds.xml                           quartz-ra.rar http-invoker.sar/                       remoting-jboss-beans.xml jboss-local-jdbc.rar                   schedule-manager-service.xml jboss-xa-jdbc.rar                       scheduler-service.xml jbossweb.sar/                           security/ jbossws.sar/                            sqlexception-service.xml jca-jboss-beans.xml                     transaction-jboss-beans.xml jms-ra.rar                             transaction-service.xml jmx-console.war/                       uuid-key-generator.sar/ jmx-invoker-service.xml                 vfs-jboss-beans.xml jmx-remoting.sar/                       xnio-provider.jar/  

Used for:

  1. Dynamic deployment content directory
  2. This is where applications and services are deployed
  3. Default location used by hot deployment service
  4. Contains code and configuration files for all services

Some files in the deploy directory include:

  1. ROOT.war: is the / root web application
  2. cache-invalidation-service.xml - Custom invalidation of EJB caches via JMS
  3. ejb2-container-jboss-beans.xml - UserTransaction integration bean for EJB2 container
  4. ejb2-timer-service.xml - EJB timer service bean
  5. ejb3-connectors-jboss-beans.xml - EJB3 remoting transport bean
  6. ejb3-container-jboss-beans.xml - UserTransaction integration bean for EJB3 container
  7. ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml - AOP for EJB3
  8. ejb3-timer-service.xml - alternate quartz based timer service
  9. hdscanner-jboss-beans.xml - hot deployment scanner bean
  10. hsqldb-ds.xml - Hypersonic embedded database and related connection factories
  11. http-invoker.sar - Detached invoker that supports RMI/HTTP
  12. jboss-local-jdbc.rar - JCA to DataSource adaptor for JDBC drivers
  13. jboss-xa-jdbc.rar - JCA to XADataSource adaptor for JDBC drivers.
  14. jbossweb.sar - Tomcat Servlet/JSP Engine
  15. jbossws.sar - The JBoss service that supports web services
  16. jca-jboss-beans.xml - Connection management facilities for integrating JCA adaptors into JBoss AS
  17. jms-ra.rar - JMS resource adapter
  18. messaging/connection-factories-service.xml - DLQ, ExpiryQueue JMS connection factory
  19. messaging/destinations-service.xml - Message persistence store service
  20. messaging/jms-ds.xml
  21. messaging/legacy-service.xml
  22. messaging/messaging-jboss-beans.xml - JMS security and management beans
  23. messaging/messaging-service.xml - Core messaging service
  24. messaging/remoting-bisocket-service.xml - JMS remoting service layer
  25. jmx-console.war - Web application that provides HTML interface to manage MBean server
  26. jmx-invoker-service.xml - RMI to JMX adaptor into JBoss
  27. jmx-remoting.sar -
  28. legacy-invokers-service.xml -
  29. jsr-88-service.xml -
  30. mail-ra.rar - Resource adaptor that provides a JavaMail connector
  31. mail-service.xml - JavaMail session service (SMTP)
  32. monitoring-service.xml - Configuration for alert monitors such as email or console listeners
  33. properties-service.xml - JavaBeans PropertyEditors and definition of system properties
  34. admin-console.war - admin console for JBoss AS
  35. scheduler-service.xml - JBoss scheduling service
  36. sqlexception-service.xml - Vendor-specific SQL exception handler
  37. security/security-jboss-beans.xml - Security domain related beans
  38. security/security-policies-jboss-beans.xml - Security authorization for EJB and web authorization
  39. transaction-jboss-beans.xml - JTA transaction manager related beans
  40. uuid-key-generator.sar - UUID-based key generation facility

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