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5th October, 2020




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Available at the following URL ⇒ http://localhost:8080/admin-console jboss-admin-console Default administrator credentials are admin/admin Essentially, a simplified version of the other console applications

Less clutter → easier to work with

The user interface is divided into two frames

The left frame list the resources available on the server

The right frame is the Control Panel where you can manage the resource selected

Summary Contains the general properties and the most relevant metrics

Configuration: To edit or create new resources (example: you can add a new data source and it will generate the xxx-ds.xml for you)

Metrics: List all the metrics for a resource

Control: When enabled, you can perform special actions related to a resource

These core tutorials will help you to learn the fundamentals of JBOSS.
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The possibilities in the Admin Console is the following:

Deploy/Undeploy applications

Update applications

Start/Stop/Restart applications

Add/Delete ressources

Manage resources

See metrics

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