Installing and configuring mod_jk in JBoss
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Download latest mod_jk (binary or source) from:          Save it as: <apache-dir>/modules/          Include its configuration file in <apache-dir>/conf/httpd.conf: Include conf/jk.conf Before you even get to installing mod_jk, download and install Apache HTTPD from The binary release of mod_jk has to match your Apache HTTPD version number, otherwise the module will not load (although the error message might say that the module cannot be found). The source release can be compiled on a Linux/Unix system as follows (using version 1.2.15 as an example): wget tar -zxvf tomcat-connectors-1.2.30-src.tar.gz cd tomcat-connectors-1.2.30-src/native ./configure --with-apxs=/path/to/apache2/bin/apxs make sudo make install Configuring mod_jk Define a JBoss AS instance in <apache-dir>/conf/


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Status worker useful for debugging The syntax of file is: worker.<worker name>.<directive>=<value>. Special directive worker.list exports all declared workers for use in the Apache HTTPD (next). For more info on this file, please see Note that JBoss AS is already configured to listen on port 8009 for AJP/1.3 requests.          Create <apache-dir>/conf/jk.conf: LoadModule  jk_module <path_to_modules>/

JkWorkersFile <path_to_conf>/

JkLogFile     <path_to_logs>/jk.log

JkLogLevel    info

JkMount       /jmx-console jboss1

JkMount       /jmx-console/* jboss1

JkMount       /jkstatus jkstatus

Don’t forget to include this file in httpd.conf Restart Apache HTTPD Verify that you can access on port 80: http://localhost/jmx-console/ Workers jboss1 and jkstatus come from file, because they were exported by worker.list directive.

Use <apache-dir>/bin/httpd -t to test the syntax of Apache HTTP’s configuration files (including any included files). For more info on mod_jk configuration options, please see Note that you can also JkMount in URL-contexts like <Virtualhost> and <Location>. For example, you can replace JkMount /jkstatus jkstatus with: <Location /jkstatus/> JkMount jkstatus Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from </Location>

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