Implementation of Projects 

Project 01:

Load, cube data from BI ----------- HANA DB:- (Delta)

Create Datastores for SAP BI source

Create Datastores for HANA DB

 Steps at BI Level:-

Select any cube & cheek whether data is or not in data

Go to the provider (tab) in T-Code RS4.1

Go to open hub destination (tab )


  • Name : ___________
  • Description: ___________
  • Provider : __________ (Technical name of web, Dso’s & etc)

In the next screen in the destination (tab) provide

Destination type: Third part tool

RFC destination: RFC connection of (DATA services)


  • Create Transformation b/w cube & open hub
  • Create DTP & activate

NOTE: DTP extraction mode must be in delta

  • Go to process change (tab)
  • Right-click on unassigned note create process change & provide process name, Description and will get prompt start variant click on create
  • Next screen

Start using meta chain or API

  • Save ---- Go back
  • Select our DTP ------- connect to start variant & activate

Steps at Data Services:

  • Import open hub destination into BI source datastore
  • Import database table from Hana datastore
  • create a project
  • create Job
  • create workflow
  • create Data flow
  • drag OPA hub open hub
  • Double click on it
  • read from process change
  • select other process change
  • Take Query transformation
  • connect open hub transformation
  • Drag table from the open hub
  • connect Query  transformation from Hana table
  • And Map fields of open hub & fields of HANA database table.

NOTE: Open hub brings updated Read-only to execute the job  

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Project 02:

sap hana project 02    

Project 02: Load data from the traditional database (Non-SAP system) To Hana database (initial & delta)

sap hana project 02  


  • Create a view job
  • Go to the source database
  • Create a table called CDC – Time with CASTY – update column with data time data type and import source table and CDC Time table into data services


  • Create a project
  • Create a job
  • Create variables (global variables) (4) $GV – Start time
  • $ ar – end time with data time data types

Step 3:

  • Take 2 scripts to name it as INITIAL – START and INITIAL – END
  • Take a new workflow and put in between two scripts
  • Double click as INITIAL – START Script go-to smart editor and write the below syntax
  • $GV – STARTIME = ‘1996.01.01              
  • 12.00.00’, $GV – ENDTIME = system ():
  • Double click as INITIAL – END Script, to go smart editor and write the below system

Step 4:

  • Double click as workflow
  • Create data flow
  • Select the source table (i.e.) employer table

sap hana  

  • Take Query transformation, map source table to Query transformation
  • Take the template as target table, map it to Query transformation

Step 5:

  • Double click on Query transformation
  • Map the required fields from schematic to schema out
  • Select LAST – update column
  • Go to where clause and provide the logic as below


(HANA) Table

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  • Take as target table, connect it to Query
  • Double click as the target HANA table go to the options tab, enable delete data from the table before loading checkbox and enable drop and created table cheek box

Step 7 :

  • Validate
  • Extract the job and you can see in the source system in CDC – Time table there is a time stamp loaded which is nothing but INITIAL load time


  • Create a new job name as a delta load.
  • Take two scripts it as initial START and INITIAL END.
  • Take a new workflow, put it in between two scripts
  • Double click on initial START Script and go to the smart editor provide below logic
  • $av – STARTTIME = to-date (Sqc (‘cdc’, ‘SELECT Last – UPDATE From CDC – TIME), ‘1996.01.01            
  • 12.00.00’), $av – ENDTIME = sysdate ();
  • Double click on end script and go to import editor provider below logic,
  • SQC (‘cdc’, Update CDC – TIME SET LAST- UPDATE= {$av – ENDTIME});

sap hana   sap hana  

  • Take employee table as a source table
  • Take Query transformation and connect both
  • Double click on Query transformation, map the required fields from schema – into schema out
  • Take the HANA table as a target table
  • And make sure that in the target HANA table options tab, Disable the following checkboxes
  • Delete data from the table before loading
  • Drop and recreate a table
  • Validate it
  • Execute the Job