SAP HANA Landscape with Business Objects

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SAP HANA Landscape with Business Objects

Settings at HANA system-level

HANA DB creation secure uid & pword.

Creation of HANA ODBC connection

Settings at BO Environment

ROLAP connection at BO Information Design tool layer

1             Data Replication

2.0          Persistence Layer

2.1          HANA DB (In Memory DST)

3.0          View (View Schusses)

3.1          HANA Metadata mgmt.

4.0          DDBC / TDT for BO HANA DB

5            Semantic Layer

6            Project (Domain Specification)

7            Relational conn (1-N) system/view

8            Combining one/more ROUAP Conn in BO schema.

9            Business intelligence Layer

10          Business intelligence

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DS in SAP HANA Landscape Need:- To do ETL based data replication

Settings at BW: If your BW system is less than 7.3 version then add DS as source system manually

Note:  For the BI / BW system (7.3) version DS is already added as Source System.

SAP HANA Tutorial

Settings at DS Level: In DS Mgmt console, create a connection using RFC details DS/R3 (or) BW system

In DS Designer Create,

SAP Application Datastore

SAP BW Source DST (data store)

SAP Target (Datastore)

NON SAP ERP / DB Datastore


Settings at BO CMC 

In BO CMC in the application (tab) select DS and encrypted file message which is given at HANA studio Create Replication jobs (using LCM (ube cycle manager ) for periodical replication)

Settings at HANA Studio Add Data Services system encrypted file message Enable replication at DS System-level

Note:  We generates prefer extractors metadata to replicate from source to target


Configure the HANA Hardware whiles is provided by IBM, HP, CISCO Select storage layer either data vol or log volumes Based on storage layer select persistence layer either page mgrnt, logger mgrnt Relational engine select row store, column store or object store based on our requirement



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We can retrieve data about the COPA module seem ECC6 through the ETL tool (Data Services)


  We can retrieve data related to COPA in ECC 6 using log-based (Sybase)


 We can retrieve data from NON SAP cubes using ETL (Data Services)  

ERP Replication method in Three System Landscape


Trigger Based Replication


 ETL Based Replication



Loading Data Into SAP HANA


If the replication process is ETL based & Trigger-based then data is mapped into mapping management If it is log base replication then data is mapped into the database via logger under the supervision of transaction Manager Data Modeling


In HANA Landscape implementation, we do technical modeling (DST) and views at HANA studio. We also do business modeling using the BO information deign tool (Data Foundation and Business layers) with respective to reports & dashboards. Metadata Manager stores all the views and DST.



We can create crystal reports, dashboards (XCelsius), Advanced Analysis, Explorer, Web. If further any modification for the report we can do changes in IDT


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