Create SAP BW Source Data Store in SAP HANA

SAP BW source data store will allow you to read the data from SAP BW system to any external data base from below attributes, info cube




Function Module

Open hub

Info area

  • Right click & Select new
  • Provide the following details


DST Name  -------------

DST Type -------------


Appl Server  ------------


Uid -------------------


Password ---------------


Client no ----------------


Sys no ------------


ABAP exe opt -----------------


Data Transfer method -----------


Working directory on SAP serves ----------


Application path to shared directory -----------


Creation of ABAP directory ----------------


Security profile ---------------


No of connections ----------------------

The configuration to create SAP BW Source data store is same as SAP application data store configuration

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Creation of SAP HANA Data Store

To create HANA Data Store  first we need to create HANA data source


Start    Screenshot_24   Programs Screenshot_24   SAP BOBI Platform   Screenshot_24 32bit DB administrator


Go to system DSN







Provide Data store Name

Server post HANAS : 35215

Now go to Local Object library


Data store Name:            ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________


Data store type  :             __Data base___


Data base type  :              ___HANA______


Data base Version :    ­­­___HANA I.X__


Data Source       :               ____________


Username           :               ____________


Password           :               ____________

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