How to Open Tableau and Open Data

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The purpose of this section is to get you started with Tableau by presenting a simple example. The exercises take you through all the basic steps you would use for your own work.

Open Tableau

You can open Tableau by selecting All Programs > Tableau 8.0 on the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop shortcut.

Tableau opens showing the start page. The start page contains recently used workbooks, saved data connections, sample workbooks, and some other getting started resources. Although the start page shows when you first open Tableau, you can always return to the start page after you start working by clicking the start page tab in the upper right corner of the workbook.

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Open Data

The first step to getting started with Tableau is to connect to the data you want to explore. For this example, you will connect to the Sample - Superstore Sales (Excel) data source that is installed with the application. There are many ways to connect to data, for example, you can use the start page, the toolbar, or the Data menu.

For indepth knowledge on Tableau, click on below


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