Fronting with Apache HTTPD - JBoss

Install and setup Apache HTTPD

Install and configure mod_jk on Apache

AJP Connector on JBoss AS already enabled

Access web apps through Apache

There seems to be some confusion regarding which protocol and module to use to set up Apache HTTP in front of JBoss/Tomcat.

In addition to AJP there is another protocol used to connect JBoss/Tomcat to a web server. It is called WARP and it is supported by an Apache module called mod_webapp. Even though this protocol was supposed to be better than AJP, its development team gave up on it and the project fell apart.

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On the Apache connector side, there are two major versions of mod_jk. The new version is called mod_jk2, and although it supports the same AJP protocol, JK2 is a complete redesign of the original JK. Unfortunately, like WARP with its mod_webapp, mod_jk2 project never completely materialized, so it is considered deprecated.

The result is that AJP with mod_jk (version 1.2.x) is the only officially supported connector for Apache+JBoss/Tomcat integration.

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