Eclipse Plugin in Drools

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Eclipse applications use a runtime based on a specification called OSGi. A software component in OSGi is called a bundle. An OSGi bundle is also always an Eclipse plug-in. Both terms can be used interchangeably. For example, a new plug-in can create new menu entries or toolbar entries.

-Java 1.5 (or higher) SE JDK

-Eclipse 4.2 (or any version) and the Drools plugin

As Drools is a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) written in Java, we will be covering how to add the desired plugins in this section. Considering maximum Java users use Eclipse, let’s see how to add the Drools 5.x.0 plugin in Eclipse.

Download the Binaries

Download the binaries from the following link:

After the download is complete, extract the files to your hard disk.

Install the Software

Launch Eclipse and go to help→install new software. Click on Add as shown in the following screenshot.

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Thereafter, click on Local as shown here and select "…/binaries/org.drools.updatesite".

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Select Drools and jBPM and click Next.

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Again click Next. Thereafter, accept the terms and license agreement and click Finish.

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Upon clicking Finish, the software installation starts:

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Post successful installation, you will get the following dialog box:

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

Click on yes. Once Eclipse restarts, go to Windows → Preferences

Eclipse Plugin in Drools

You can see Drools under your preferences. Your Drools plugin installation is complete now.

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