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Drools are a collection of tools which allow us to separate and reason over logic and data found within business processes. It produces a web authoring, an Eclipse IDE plugin for core development, and rules management application (Drools Workbench) and a core Business Rules Engine (BRE). Drools are a Business Logic integration Platform (BLiP). It is reported in Java. It is an open source project that is reported by Red Hat, and JBoss, Inc.

Drools Training Curriculum

Drools introduction, Business Rule task, Sample Business process using Drools

Drools introduction,  Production rule systems,  Pattern,  Rule engine,  Difference between a JAVA method and Rule,  Rule integration within Business Process,  Business Rule task,  Rule flow graph,  Setting up Eclipse,  Sample drools project Hello World,  Sample claims process,  Sample Business process using Drools

Persistence & Transaction

Persistence & Transaction,  Why persistence & transaction,  Persistence,  Internal working of persistence,  JBPM DB model,  JBPM persistence entities,  JBPM persistence & Transaction Dependencies,  JBPM persistence API,  Kie session

Drools – Traditional programming v/s Declarative programming,Batch Executor

Drools – Traditional programming v/s Declarative programming,  Advantages and disadvantages of Drools,  When NOT to use a Rule Engine,  KIE,  Stateless session,  Claim validation example,  Stateless session example,  Batch Executor,  Stateful session,  Stateful session example,  Cross products,  License example

 Overview of Work item

Overview of Work item,  External interactions,  Work item in JBPM6,  Out of the Box work item handlers,  Service task example, configuration and execution,  Custom work item,  Custom work item example,  Hands on exercise

Execution control-Agenda Rule set

Execution control-Agenda,  Meaning of Agenda,  Execution Control – Rules matches & control,  Execution control-conflict resolution,  Decision table,  When & when not to use decision table,  Rules set part,  Understanding decision table,  Rule set attributes,  Rule table attributes

Rule & Function

Rule templates,  Rules authoring using workbench,  Data enumeration,  Guided rule,  Guided rule template,  Guided decision table,  Decision table spreadsheet,  Functions in Drools,  Type declaration,  Demo

Query, Monitoring and Dashboard 

Domain Specific Language,  Advantages Of Using DSL,  DSL Mapping,  Adding Constraints,  DSLR File Creation,  Creating New Drools Project,  Knowledge Builder,  Backword Chaining,  Defining a Query,  Business Activity Monitoring,  Expenses Dashboard.

Persistence File and Custom Node

How to Create Persistence File, BMT Transaction Manager, Schemas, JPA Read And Write Strategy File, What is Work Item, Creation of Sample Custom Node, Creation of Sample Custom Work Node     

Salary Trends

Average Drools Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

Drools Training


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