Define Data Structure?

An data structure is a method for sorting out information that considers the things put away, as well as their relationship to each other. Advance knowledge about the relationship between ata items allows designing of efficient algorithms for the manipulation of data.

Define spanning Tree?

A spanning tree is a tree associated with a network. All the nodes of the graph appear on the tree once. A minimum spanning tree is a spanning tree organized so that the total edge weight between nodes is minimized.

Define string?

A sequential array of characters is called a string.

What is a node?

The data element of a linked list is called a node.

Define Syntax error?

Syntax Error is because of absence of information in a particular dialect. It is because of some individual does not know how to use the features of a language.We can know the errors at the time of compilation.

Define logic error?

It is because of the poor comprehension of the requirement.

What is Run time Error?

The exceptions like divide a number by 0,overflow and underflow comes under this.

What is Stack ?

Stack is a collection of elements in Last In First Out order. Operations includes removal of top most element, adding elements on the top of the stack, finding the top element in the stack and testing null stack.

What is Queue?

Queue is a collection of elements in First In First Out order Operations include inserting the elements from the queue, finding the next element, testing null queue and removal of elements.

What are the limitations of arrays?

Arrays are of fixed size.

Data elements are stored in continuous memory locations which may not be available always.

Adding and removing of elements is problematic because of shifting the locations.

When to use binary search engine?

A binary search algorithm is used to search a list when the elements are already in order or sorted. The list starts searching in the middle, if the middle value is not the target search key, it will check to see if it will continue the search on the lower half of the list or the higher half. The split and search will then continue in the same manner.

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