Sometimes it's useful to organize the values of a measure into bins. For example, suppose you have a measure that holds the ages of customers ranging from 18 to 90. If you wanted to analyze how customer value breaks down by different age groups, you would bin the data. Also, to create a histogram you must first bin data.

In Tableau, bin data by highlighting a numeric dimension or measure in the Data window and selecting Create Bins from the context menu.


Let’s calculate the percentage of total sales for each item in a product category. The view will use the Percent of Total table calculation and apply it to the pane. The calculation is dynamic which means that as I change the dimensions in the view the calculation will always compare the values within the current pane.

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Step 1 - Open a new workbook and connect to the Superstore sample.

Step 2 - From the Dimensions pane, drag Product Category and Product Sub-Category to the Rows shelf.

Step 3 - From the Measures pane, drag Sales to the Text shelf on the Marks card.

Step 4 - On the Text shelf, right-click Sales and select Add Table Calculation.


Step 5 - In the Table Calculation dialog box, in the Calculation Type list, select Percent of Total.


Step 6 - In the Compute the total within list, select Pane (Down).

The resulting view will look like this:


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