Creating Function, Menu, and Responsibility in Apps for OAF Pages

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In this lesson, we are going to see how to create a function, menu, and responsibility in Oracle Applications for OAF pages.

Creating Function in Apps

Select Application Developer or System Administrator to navigate to Function, The below image shows the navigation in System Administrator.


After selection, then a Function window will get opens, give the Function Name and User Function Name


After that go to Properties tab and in that give Type as SSWA jsp function 


After that go to Web Html tab and in that in HTML call give the address bar generated page path don’t give .xml extension.


Save it and then navigate to create Menu


Give Menu name and function Name, if we want to create Submenus then create one more menu add function to that and design the menu structure according to the Oracle Applications guidance.


After that create one responsibility (optional) add the menu to that responsibility, the below image shows the responsibility navigation in System Administrator:


Give the values in Responsibility, for example, see the below image:


After adding a menu to the responsibility attach Responsibility to the User, Bounce the Server.

Clear the Cache using Functional Administrator which is Optional.

The below image shows the example navigation of the Responsibility which contains two sub menus under one main menu.


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