Create Presentation Layer Objects - Part II in OBIEE

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10th October, 2020




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1. Drag the D5 Sales Rep logical table from the BMM layer to the Sample Sales subject area in the Presentation layer.  




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2 . Rename the D5 Sales Rep presentation table to Sales Reps

. 2

3 . Move the Sales Reps presentation table above the Base Facts table.


4 . Expand the Sales Reps presentation table and notice that the H5 Sales Rep parent-child logical dimension is automatically included as a presentation hierarchy. 2

5. Double-click the H5 Sales Rep presentation hierarchy to open the Presentation Hierarchy dialog box.

6 . On the Display Columns tab, confirm that Sales Rep Name is set as the display column.


7. Click OK to close the Presentation Hierarchy dialog box.

8. Save the repository and check the consistency. Fix any errors or warnings before proceeding.

9. Close the repository. Leave the Administration Tool open.


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