Create Logical Table and Logical Columns & Logical Join in OBIEE

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10th October, 2020




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1 . In the BMM layer, right-click the Sample Sales business model and select New Object --> Logical Table to open the Logical Table dialog box.


2 . On the General tab, name the logical table D5 Sales Rep.




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3 . Click OK to add the logical table to the business model.


Notice that the D5 Sales Rep icon has a # sign. This is because you have not yet defined the logical join relationship. When you define the logical join later in this tutorial the icon will change accordingly. 4 . Drag all six columns from D50 Sales Rep in the Physical layer to D5 Sales Rep in the BMM layer. This action creates logical columns and adds a D50 Sales Rep logical table source to D5 Sales Rep.


5 . Rename the D50 Sales Rep logical table source to LTS1 Sales Rep.


6 . In the Physical layer, expand D52 Sales Rep Position.


7 . Drag POSTN_DESC and POSTN_LEVEL from D52 Sales Rep Position to LTS1 Sales Rep. Note that you are dragging the columns to the logical table source, not the logical table. Dragging to the logical table would create a second logical table source.


8 . Drag DISTANCE from D51 Sales Rep Parent-Child to LTS1 Sales Rep. Again, you drag the column to the logical table source, not the logical table.


9 . Rename the logical columns:

Old Name New Name
POSTN_KEY Position Key
TYPE Sales Rep Type
EMPL_NAME Sales Rep Name
EMPLOYEE_KEY Sales Rep Number
HIRE_DT Hire Date
MGR_ID Manager Number
POSTN_LEVEL Position Level
 DISTANCE Closure Distance


1 . In the BMM layer, select D5 Sales Rep and F1 Revenue.


2 . Right-click either highlighted table and select Business Model Diagram --> Selected TablesOnly to open the Business Model Diagram.


3 . Create a logical join between D5 Sales Rep and F1 Revenue with F1 Revenue at the many end of the join.


4 . Close the Business Model Diagram. Notice that the icon has changed for the D5 Sales Rep table.

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