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19th September, 2018




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What is Binary Load?

Binary Load replicates the data model of an existing QlikView document into another QlikView document without accessing the original data source. Once the data model gets replicated into another QlikView document, it can be manipulated further, integrated into a bigger data model

Binary Load

The binary statement is used for loading the data from another QlikView document, including section access data.

-It does not load the layout information or variables. -Only one binary statement is allowed in the script. -It can only be put as the first statement of a script.

Ex: Binary Transact.csv;

Implementation of Binary Load

Implement this binary load to a new QlikView document.

Create a new QlikView document and save it as “Fraud.qvw”

Open Edit Script window (Press Ctrl + E)

Click on QlikView File button and locate “Sales.qvw”

Qlikview Tutorials

You can see that a new script statement is added at the top of the active script tab, which is “Binary sales.qvw”

qlikview tutorials

Add both fraud tables to the data model as we normally do. After reloading the script, the data model will be seen in a new QlikView document along with 2 additional Fraud tables. Following is the snapshot of the table viewer:

Qlikview Tutorials

Advantages of using Binary load:

  • It saves the time required to load a complete new model from data source or QVD Thus, speeds up the reload process.
  • It is useful when applying security using Section Access. The security specifications can be coded in a separate QVW and then add that QVW using Binary Load in all the other documents.
  • Binary load is the fastest way to load data into a QlikView document.

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