Android Interview Questions & Answers
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Android Interview Questions

1. What is Android?

Ans: An open source operating system which is basically used on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Its system is based upon Linux kernel which is equipped with components that allow developers to build and run applications that can execute both basic and advanced functions.

2. What is Android Architecture?

Ans: Android Architecture is developed uponfour key components:

  • Libraries
  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Framework
  • Android Applications

3. What Is the Google Android SDK?

Ans: The Google Android SDK is a toolset that developers require in order to write apps on Android enabled equipment’s. It contains a graphical interface that emulates an Android driven handheld environment, enabling them to test and debug their codes.

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4. Describe the Android Framework.

Ans: The Android Framework is an important feature of the Android Architecture. Where you can find all the methods and classes that developers would need in order to write applications on the Android environment.

5. What is AAPT?

Ans: AAPT is an acronym for Android Asset Packaging Tool. This tool grants developers with the capability to deal with zip-compatible archives, which incorporates creating, extracting as well as viewing its contents.

6. Why is it important to have an emulator inside the android environment?

Ans: The emulators allow developers to write, test codes, debug and “play” around an interface which acts as a real mobile device. Emulators are secure and safe place for testing codes especially in the initial design phase.

7. Describe Activities.

Ans: Activities are something you refer to as the window to a UI. Similarly, as you ask for an input in the form of dialog boxes or create windows in order to display output, activities play the similar role, though it may not always be in the form of a user interface.

8. What is the use of an ActivityCreator?

Ans: An ActivityCreator is actually the initial step to the development of a new android project. Its ‘built up of a shell script that will be used to generate new file system structure essential for writing codes inside the Android IDE

9. What are Intents?

Ans: Intents are operations to be performed, they display message notifications to the user within the android enabled device. They can be used to caution user about the alerts of a particular state which occurred.

10. Differentiate Activities from Services.

Ans: Activities can be terminated or closed anytime the user desires. Further services are designed to run in the backstage, and can act separately. Most services run without interruptions, regardless of whether there are certain or no activities are actually executed.


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