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The intent of this Android tutorials is to provide in-depth understanding of Android operating system. In these tutorials, we will go through the Android Architecture and features of Android operating system. We will also focus on Android Installation and topics such as Android activities,Intents,Layouts and and manifest files. In addition to free Android tutorials we will also look at common issues and interview questions of Android Operating System.

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About Android   Andrioid Tutorials

Android is a mobile operating system that is based on a modified version of Linux. It was originally developed by a startup of the same name, Android, Inc. In 2005, as part of its strategy to enter the mobile space, Google purchased Android and took over its development work (as well as its development team).

Google wanted Android to be open and free; hence, most of the Android code was released under the open-source Apache License, which means that anyone who wants to use Android can do so by downloading the full Android source code. Moreover, vendors (typically hardware manufacturers) can add their own proprietary extensions to Android and customize Android to differentiate their products from others