XSLT – Operations / Conditions

  1. For – each 2 loop operation
  2. If 2 single condition
  3. Sort 2 Ascending /descending
  4. Choose , when , other wise 2 multiple conditions


Trigger file:




  1. Trigger file put into i/p folder
  2. Input file put into i/p folder then it reads file


File poll:






  Receive i/p 2invoke i/p


Process files recursively:

If your not select check box then it read only one folder , it will not read sub folder, it will not read sub folder

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 Archive processed files:

Files / records reads successfully and when it reach to server after then it will save in our system and take back up in our system

  • Give the archive directory for processed files(physical path)
  • Give the archive folder path
  • Trigger and archive folder created manually and give the folder path into the adapters


Rejected message path:

C://oracle//middle ware/user projects/domains/base domains/rejected messages



1st time this folder creates when the file /record rejected


Logical name – DB poll – file write:



File write:


 <search> 7001 </search>

<replace > 8888</replace>



<search> .txt </search>

<replace> .xml</replace>


File adapter:





o/p : Directory size  2 String

<> file name  2 String

<> directory 2String

<> modified time à String

<> creation time 2String

<> file size2 String


List files:

5 -7 2 Directory for incoming files

E:/ SOA 11g / list files input folder

6-7 2 incoming files with name pattern


  1. Don’t delete activities:

          Don’t delete activities  instead of delete hide the activity

Ex: If you want to delete “Assign Activity”

Select assign activity (j developer)

Go to source code à curser shows starting of the assign activity code

<Assign>  ß it shows like this

<! assign> ß modify like this

End of assign activity show like this

</assign > ß it shows like this

</assign> ß modify like this

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  • When we are modify the start and end tags then automatically hide the assign activity
  • After some days we want to use assign activity then delete <!---& --->
  • Now assign activity shown in the project.
  • Real time shows “SOA – 1021” – error:
  • SOA – 1021 à it means server never understand the flow of BPEL process
  • It is rare case






  1. Configuration:

Except file adapter all adapters configured in console .


  1. How to find the windows IP address:

Start à run 2 IP config (enter)


  1. Scheduler (10:oo pm to 11:30 pm):

  • Tool name 2 Quartz scheduler
  • It’s use for project run in selected time

        Assign (11g):  Assign has multiple o/p’s

Transform (11g): Transform has multiple i/p’s


  1. DB adapters JNDI name takes from console

Console (: 7001/console)

Deployment  2 db adapter à configuration 2out band connection pool

Expand javax .resource.cci.connection factory


Eis. DB. Ramesh2

  1. Attach “variable to error” 2 get fault as string(); 2catch all

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