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OSB [oracle service bus] in SOA

 OSB [oracle service bus]

  • Oracle2 OSB 2  11g


  • BEA 2sun 2 ALSB ( Aqua logic service bus)2 10g


  • Eclipse2development tool2use to develop projects


  • Sb console 2use to develop projects and test the projects


http://localhost : 7001/8001     / sb console

  • J developer



  • Eclipse
  • Sb console 2   will not do 1. Transformation
  1.   WSDl and XSD creation


  1. Compare to SOA OSB is very fast
  2. Compare to SOA OSB is very less cost


Note: 2   Eclipse heli 2 Eclipse help


OSB installation

64 bit

  1. Oepe – helious – all – in one – – win 32 – x 86_64
  2. Ofm- osb- generic – – disk _10f 1

2   Open 2   disk 1 2  setup 2   double click


Paste2 [c: program files / java/jre6



  • Open eclipse 2 ok


Help 2 about ellipse plat form 2click

It shows two Oracle icons




Clint environment details 

  • Naming conventions
  • Database name and JNDI name
  • VPN user name, pass word
  • Host name < >       change [ C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
  • Ip address  hosts 2 open
  • Port      change host line
  •      [Ex:…]
  • You must connect internet and VPN when you are working in Clint environment
  • Clint mail id
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Clint gives URL

URL paste in to browser

Give user name, pass word

  • Company mail id

Confused in outlook (or) thirds bird

Give the user name, password

  • Excel- sheet [manual]:
  1. no
Task Week Date Billable Non-billable Working hours
1 Po_Order Week 1 01/01/2014 What you are done What you are done 8hours
2 “    “ “     “ 02/01/2014 8hours
3 “    “ “    “ Leave    ——


Clint work                 company work

Important real-time notes


  • When the creation of project always change the name space …… [Ex: “http:company name].
  • After completing project create config plan

Dev, test, prod

  • When the development time take back up
  • Version tool [VSS, clear case, SVN ….]


Google drive [local repository]

[Zip the folder upload in to Google drive]

  • Version tool is used to check in, check out


[Source code]

  • MDS [ central repository]
  • VPN à connect to Clint environment



  • Putty2 all the servers accessing [remote system access]

To access Linux (Or) UNIX

  • Webx (Or) go to meeting (Or) Skype 2 conference calls
  • Impact analysis:

MD 70 already after prepared after then some fields modified then check it reflects any ware (or) not is called “impact analysis”

  • Ticketing system / ticket rise
  • When the errors occurred in the process then we will handle two ways
  1. To rise the ticket


  1. Direct send to mail
  • MD -50: It is functional document

MD – 50 contains2  Clint requirement

MD -70:            It is technical document

MD – 70 contains2  process implementation flow

  • 3PL 2    party logistics



  • Two ways to take leaves
  1. by using tool
  2. by using mail


* Oracle2    sun


  1. SOA 1. Web logic
  2. AIA 2. Java
  3. RAM 3. Alsb (integration tool)
  4. OSB

2    Alsb 2  10g changed to ‘OSB’  2   11g



  • SOA developers
  • OSB developers
  • AIA developers
  • SOA admin
  • Web logic admin
  • Error code
  • Error summery 2  get fault name
  • Instance ID 2    get composite instance ID
  • Error composite name2   get composite name
  • Error date 2    date

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