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JBoss Fuse or Fuse ESB is an open source integration platform based on Apache ServiceMix. It is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure that provides a standardized methodology, server, and tools to integrate application components. JBoss Fuse supports JBI and OSGi for use in enterprise IT organizations. It has a pluggable architecture that allows organizations to use their preferred software services in a service-oriented architecture. Any standard JBI or OSGi-compliant service engine or binding component – including BPEL, XSLT or JMX engines – may be deployed to a JBoss Fuse container, and JBoss Fuse components may be deployed to other ESBs.

Fuse ESB Training Curriculum

Development Environment

Introduction to JBoss Fuse, Fuse Ide, Installation Binaries, Apache Maven, JDK 1.6, Choice of Development Tool

Development Model

Overview of Maven, Maven Archetypes, Java Code and Resources, Maven POM Files, Deployment Metadata, Dependency Injection Frameworks, Administrative Metadata

Maven Essentials

Overview, Maven Directory Structure, Build Life Cycle Phases, Dependency Element, Maven Packaging Type, Convention Over Configuration, Maven Coordinates, Maven Artifacts, Transitive Dependencies, Dependency/Scope Element, Specifying Remote Repositories, Maven Repositories

Dependency Injection Framworks

Blueprint Or Spring?, Bean Registries, Spring XML File Location,  Spring XML, Blueprint XML Sample, Blueprint XML File Location, Blueprint XML, Spring XML Sample

Create a Web Services Project

Prerequisites, Spring Xml Configuration, Create Project From the Command Line, Build The Web Services Project, Check that the Bundle Has Started, Run the Ws Client, Deploy and Start the Ws Server, Create Project from the Command Line, Troubleshooting

Create a Router Project

Create Project From the Command Line, Disable the Test, Modify The Route, Build the Router Project, Add the Required Maven Dependency, Deploy and Start The Route, Test the Route with the Ws Client

Create an Aggregate Maven Project

Aggregate Pom, Best Practice, Parent Pom, Building With The Aggregate Pom, Create An Aggregate Pom

Define a feature for the application

Why Do You Need a Feature?, Deployment Options, What to Put in a Feature, Install the Features Repository, Features and Fuse Fabric, Create A Custom Features Repository, Create a Custom Features Repository

Configure the application

OSGI Config Admin Service, Setting Configuration Properties, Spring XML Example, Replace Ip Port with a Property Placeholder, Deploying the Configurable Application, Blueprint XML Example


Check the Status of a Deployed Bundle, Redeploying Bundles with Dev:Watch, Logging

Scalable Deployment with Fuse Fabric

Why Fuse Fabric?, Fabric, a Sample Fabric, Fabric Server, Fabric Container, Profile, Fabric Ensemble

Deploying to a Fabric

Create a Fabric, Create Fabric Profiles, Upload a Profiles, Deploy the Profiles

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