Working with Stream Reader and Stream Writer class in C# .net

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15th October, 2020




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Working with Stream Reader and Stream Writer class:-

  1. Stream Reader is used to read the data from a file.
  2. Stream Writer is used to write the data information in to file.

Methods of Stream Reader and Stream Writer classes:-


String S = “String /n ; 

String /n………..” Write (“abc”);

Write (“xyz”);

Abc  xyz  

What is DOCK?

  1. This is a property, which is available for all visible controls.
  2. Dock property resizes a control Relatively with form Size.

What is the Anchor?

  1. Anchor property repositions a control relatively with form size 
  • Developing An application like a notepad
  • Options required in note pad

  File                   Edit                  Format                         Help

New                 Select All            Fonts                      Help topics

Open                   Cut                   Colors                      About

Save                    Copy

Print                     Paste


  The following controls are required to develop a notepad  

  1. Text Box
  2. Menu Strip
  3. Open File Dialog
  4. Save File Dialog
  5. Print Dialog
  6. Color Dialog
  7. Font Dialog

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  • Open windows Forms Application Project name my note
  • Place all above 7 controls on the form
  • Choose text box arrrowpropertiesarrrow

Multiline = true

Dock = fill

Scrollbars = both

Allow drop = true

  • Select Menu strip control and design it with the above-discussed options
  • Assigning an Icon   to a menu item

Right click on new arrrowset Image arrrowchoose an image

  • Assigning a short – cut key

Right click on cut arrrow properties arrrow short cut key

  • Select a combination

Check Out .Net Tutorial


Using System . Io;

Using System . Drawing .Printing


Code for new menu Item  (double click on new)


Text Box1. Text = “”;


Code for  open menu Item


Open File Dialog 1. Show Dialog ();

String p = Open File Dialog 1. File Name;

Message box. Show  (p);

Stream Reader sr = new Stream Reader  (p);

Text box 1 .text = sr. Read To end ();

Sr. close ();


Code for save menu item


Save File Dialog 1. Show Dialog ();

String p = Save File Dialog 1 .File Name;

Stream Writer sw = new Stream Writer (p);

Sw. Write  (text box1. text);

Sw. Flush ();

Sw. Close ();


Code for Print


Printer Setting ps = new Printer Settings ();

Print Dialog 1 .Printer Strings = ps;

Print Dialog1. Show Dialog ();


Code for exit {

Application .Exit ();


Code for Select ALL


Text box1.Select ALL();


Code for cut

text box 1.cut ();

  • Code for copy

text box1.copy ();

  • Code for paste

textbox1.paste ();

  • Code for Fonts

Font Dialog1.Show Dialog (); Text box 1. Font = font Dialog1. Font;

  • Code for colors

{ Color Dialog1. Show Dialog (); Text Box 1.fore color Dialog1. Color; }

  • Code for Help Topics

Label L =new label ();

Dock = Dock Style .Fill ;
Font = new Font (“Arial”, 20)
Text = “ Type Help messages here” ;
Form f = new Form ();

control S .Add (L);
Show Dialog ();


View menu arrrow Solution Explorer arrrowright-click on my note (project name) arrrowadd à new itemarrrowAbout box and provide the name test  

Code for About

Test t = new Test ();

Show ();
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