Create MVC application in .NET

13 October, 2020

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Create an MVC application

Go to visual


Click on file


Click on new


Click on project


Select visual c# from the installed template.


Select WVC web application template


Type the application name (example)

3 Select the location to save


Click on ok.

  2This will create an MVC2 web application.

2When we create MVC2 web application it will create 5 folders.

  1. Content
  2. Controllers
  3. Models
  5. Scripts

Content folder:

This folder will contain all the required CSS files that is to be attached to the view pages. 

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Views folder:

By default, the views folder will contain 3 folders as follows

  1. Account
  2. Home
  3. Shared

2Then every folder contains some view page.

2The shared folder contains commonly used files like master pages, user control, etc.

2Here we find only .aspx pages we do not find .cs files

2 .cs files will be available in the controller’s folders and models folder.

Controllers folder:

This folder will contain one .cs file for every folder available in views.

2In view, we have a home folder and account folder so we find two supported files in controller folders.

  1. Account controller folder.cs
  2. Home controller.cs

2Every controller file will contain some method called action method with the name of the webpage.

2I.e. home controller.cs we find 4 action methods

Change password ()

Change password success ()

Logon ()

Register ()

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Models folder:

2This folder will contain one super file one each folder available in views

2In case the view contains the data from the database  

Scripts folder:

It will contain all javascript and journey files that contain the code related to validation.

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