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22nd September, 2020




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SAP BPC Work Status


Work Status Introduction

  • You can access the Work Status view by selecting Work Status under the Features domain in the left side panel.
  • The overview page is split into two distinct panes.
  • The top panel contains a list view of all the work statuses defined in the environment and, for each of them, is specified who can control it and the authorization access on data for each data entry method.
  • In the second pane, for each model of the environment, you can see what are the dimensions specified to define the data region that can be "locked".
  • Unlocked is the default work status that cannot be deleted nor reordered (code order = 0).

Create a Work Status

Create a work status

For each of them, you can specify who can use it when this status is set to the data

  • All users (authorized users)
  • The owner(s)
  • The manager(s)
  • Or the data is locked

Manage the work status

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To manage the work status you can

  • Reorder a work status
  • Edit a work status
  • Delete a work status


Benefits of this feature include:

  • Managing data locking settings of a model
  • Managing notifications

For example, there are several benefits related to managing the work status, including

  • Reordering a work status
  • Editing a work status
  • Deleting a work status

Reorder a work status

Reorder a work status

  • If locks already exist on data, the user receives a warning that deleting will delete all locks for all models in the environment.
  • A work status that is set to Unlocked cannot be reordered.


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Manage Notifications

Work Status In SAP BPC

The Notifications command opens a dialog box in which you can activate the function and then also specify the content of the notification message unless you want to keep the default one.

Manage Data Locking Settings of a Model

To be able to edit the data locking settings of a model select the corresponding row in the list at the bottom of the overview page and then click the Edit button (or directly click the settings for .model ID hyperlink).

The Edit button opens the data locking settings editor for the selected model. In this editor, you can first enable the data locking function in order to activate the work status feature for the model.

If there is no dimension with an OWNER property assigned to the model, you cannot enable the data locking (error message).

If the model has dimension(s) with an OWNER property but there is no hierarchy, you cannot enable the data locking (error message).

You must then specify the Owner dimension and its hierarchy and all the other dimensions that will enable to define the data region for the work status management (five dimensions max in total).

The Owner dimension is a dimension with a property named OWNER whose values are user ID(s) and/or team ID(s).

  • For a base member in the hierarchy of this Owner dimension, the user ID / Team ID is the Owner of the data region driven by this dimension.
  • For a parent member in the hierarchy of this Owner dimension, the user ID / Team ID is the manager of the data region driven by this dimension (see above Manage work status section).

If there is only one dimension with an Owner property, this dimension is selected by default.

If this dimension has only one hierarchy, this hierarchy is selected by default.

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