Windows Service with Mailing concepts in C# .net
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Windows Service with Mailing concepts:-

  1. To send the mails SMTP protocol is required.
  2. The protocol provides a set of rules, which need to be followed while transferring the data over the network.
  3. Smtp will be installed by default when It is installed.
  4. When IIS is installed then the Following Folder Structure will be created by default.


EX: 2 on windows Service with mailing concepts:-

  • Developing a service to send a mail at 12:30
  • Open windows Service project with project name WS2

  Project  Menu  arrrowAdd Reference  arrrow System .wed  (this is required for Mail Message class) Place Timer  (System .Timers  )control  arrrow Properties   Enabled = true Interval = 60, 000   Interval 100ms                      w:30                      12:30:00 01 1 sec   = 600                                                       .. 100ms = 60                                                                    … 1        60,000                                                             59 60,000  

Using System. web. Mail;

Code for Timer 1 _ Elapsed Event


Int sh =Date Time . Now. Hour ;

// 24 hrs format

Int sum = Date Time . Now. Minute;

If (sh == 12 && sm ==30)


Mail  Message  m = new Mail Message ();

M .to  = “teja @”; = “varoon”;

subject = “Happy Pongal”;
body Format = Mail Format. Html;
body = <h1>Happy pongal </h1> <hr>
<h2><Font color  = Green> Dear Friends,   This is to inform  you that, our next class will be on 17th  jan, 2009 </Font> </h2>”;

Form = “Prakash @ptpl”;
//ptpl is computer name Smtp Mail .Send (m);


// if

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