A job which is not compiled can’t be Schedule

Right click a job 11add to Schedule à Set the time

To see Scheduled jobs

  • Click on Schedule symbol
  • We can Schedule Multiple jobs at some time
  • We can Re schedule, un schedule the jobs

Real time

In Real time, Scheduling will not be done in Director

Some Tools

  1. auto sys
  2. control M
  3. Cron TAB – utility in UNIX

If a job is found in this way

Job 11finished  (see log) 11finished with warnings


Example:-  when binding input interface field “Dept no” to field “Dept no” converting a null able source result ;a fatal run time error could occur;  use a modify operator, so specify the  value to which the null should be converted.

Message Handling

To eliminate Warnings  in logs job 11Right click  11 Add rule to message Handle 11Add rule


Tools 11 New Monitor11 Monitoring the job at stage level

when we are loading with less  no. of records, Data set in not an good performance



Batch Jobs

Executing Set of jobs in Sequence

Note :-

  1. can control the order of execution of datastage jobs in no. of ways
  2. Batch Jobs
  3. JCL Scripting à job control language
  4. Job Sequencing
  5.  M or Cron Tab

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Tools 11Batch11New 11Save as new Batch  11 Browse and select 1 job 11 Add job 11 we can see JCL Scripting 11Select 1 MCL Job 11 Add

  • 2 Jobs are running in an sequence
  • Batch successfully compiled with no errors

11Unlock Jobs

Q:   How to about / terminate a Job while it is Running ?


Job name                        status

Peek 1                              Running 11 while in running condition


Click on STOP   (or) Unlock the jobs


  • Clean up resources
  • Developer will Access the director
  • Clean up resources to get enabled in director
  • Administrator àprojects à enable job admin in director

Clean up resources

Job 11 Clean up resources 11 PID 11 process In ’s  show all 11Select

Release all (or) In Command line

$  PS 11to list p id ‘ s

$ Kill cmd 11 to unlock Jobs

EX:- $ kill peek 1

How to run a Job through command line ?

DS Job – run – project name- job name-parameter

If parameters are not there

DS job –run – project name – job name

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