Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tutorial

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Welcome to RPA Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide an in-depth understanding of RPA.

In addition to free RPA Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions, issues, and how to’s of RPA.


  • Doing more with software is the essence of digital transformation. An important part of this transformation is automating business processes, using software rather than people wherever possible. Robotic process automation(RPA) is an increasingly popular approach to doing this.
  • RPA can have a transformative impact on organizations, bringing lower costs, increased reliability, and faster process execution. Done well, it can also let IT and business people work together to implement and change automated processes quickly. This paper introduces RPA, then describes how it’s provided by Blue Prism, a leading vendor in this market. The goal is to explain what RPA is and how Blue Prism supports it.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Even in our digital era, many business processes are still carried out by people. Yet these processes commonly rely on one or more applications, with human beings providing the driving intelligence. For example, think about a back-office that handles customer orders. Each order might require getting a customer’s name, then looking up and validating the customer’s shipping address. Once this information is available, the next steps might be to calculate the shipping cost and place the order. In a typical back-office environment, people execute this process, often relying on multiple applications to complete it.

Desktop Automation

Associations using Robotic Desktop Automation and Robotic Process Automation are understanding a speedier and more prominent degree of profitability when both are utilized in the changing travel. By evacuating lower esteem, tedious exercises from the work area, for example, application sign-on and ring set—CSRs in your front office can center around the client and convey uncommon administration. In the back office, completely mechanizing high-volume, rules-based procedures to diminish costs, quicken efficiency, and reduction blunders will free representatives to perform higher-esteem work. Some key advantages clients involvement with robotic Automation:

  • Optimize customer service processes by simplifying the desktop
  • Orchestrate the customer journey by integrating customer channels, business data, and enterprise applications
  • Enforce regulatory and service-level agreement compliance
  • Provide flexibility to scale up or down as work is queued
  • Improve agility and speed to market to meet changing business needs
  • Enable 24x7 workflow processing.

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What are the Robotic Process Automation tools?

  • OpenSpan
  • Automation Anywhere
  • UI Path
  • Blue Prism

Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation

Insight and Robotic automation enable ventures to boost the estimation of their two greatest speculations, individuals, and innovation, by seeing how clients cooperate with applications. Pega mechanical process mechanization, work area computerization, workforce insight, and case administration together to empower more profitable representatives and a superior client encounter. Not at all like RPA-just arrangement suppliers, Pega offers end-to-end Robotics, CRM, and BPM for any computerized undertaking, enabling associations to:

Distinguish work process wasteful aspects: As an initial step, organizations can rapidly and all the more effectively break down their representative work processes to reveal forms that are causing an interruption in client encounters, for example, unnecessary and blunder inclined information re-keying crosswise over various applications. This visibility helps pinpoint wasteful procedures that could be a prime contender to apply autonomy to carefully change their activities.

Mechanize work area forms: CSR experiencing application over-burden would now be able to profit by work area applications working in a solitary consistent process—moving information between applications where APIs don't exist. Arrangements can be conveyed in weeks, rapidly rearranging the representative experience, which prompts a superior client encounter.

Reduce repetitive tasks: Outside of client benefit, some high-volume, low-multifaceted nature assignments generally done by workers would now be able to be robotized without the requirement for human intercession. Mechanical process automation empowers these procedures—from investigating claim points of interest to refreshing exchange frameworks—to be run unattended, additionally liberating agents to address the issues of their clients.

Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

It is considered to supplant the information passage and the information re-keying employments with its computerized instruments and methods. Additionally, dreary occupations of information collecting, organizing errands that utilization an arrangement of standards to take after the procedure can be effortlessly performed utilizing RPA.

Almost every type of computer-aided process that uses a set of protocols for its operations can be performed using RPA.

The growth in the field of RPA is sure shot and thus will provide higher technological potentials towards significantly reducing the risk of inaccurate regulatory reporting along with improvised analytics and higher data accuracy.

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