Transaction in Oracle SOA



When creating data source click on XA

  • File adapter 2 Rejection Handles


client ask – Instead of Rejmsgs folder use other folder then we give the path into the fault policies(other folder path)





10g Property:


<Property name = ‘transaction’> participate



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11g Property:

<property name =’BPEL .config. transaction’> required/ Requires New</property>

Required = participate in already existing transaction.

Requires New = Start a new Transaction.


Create table : customer _transaction

cust name, cust id, cust address.


DB adapter1:

2-3 - 2 XADB

3- 3 2 JNDI Name(eis/DB/soademo)


DB adapter2:

2-3 2Non XADB

3- 3 2 JNDI Name(eis/DB/dummy)

T1: Input -2 Invoke input

  • Deploy the process 2 give the input’s Cname, cid, Caddress
  • select * from customer _ transaction -2Two rows instead

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After T2  put the throw activity.


Select the proprety for PL - > insert DB  -> Double click




Transaction = participate -> BPEL .xml


After </partner line Bindings> write “10g property” .<configuration>.....</configurations>


  • Deploy the project


Open BPEL.xml before deploy the project , because errors were ratified [If your not open the BPEL. XML at the time of deployment then that error deletes the property]

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