Training and Event Management in SAP HR

22 September, 2020


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SAP Training and Event Management

Integration with other Application components:

sap hr event management

Process in training & event Management:

Business event preparation:

Create an event environment

Create Business event groups

Create Business event types

Here this phase consists of the creation and maintenance of all of the master data you access when you create the Business event catalog.

Eg: Time schedules, event location, resources

Business Event catalog:

Create business event dates with and without resources.

Plan dates based on demand

Day-to-day Activates:







Recurring Activities:

Business Events

Firmly Book/ Cancel

Lock / Unlock


Carry out appraisals

Dynamic Menus:

Training & event Management has seven(7) dynamic menus which considerably facilitate and simplify the operation of the system.

(i)         Master data Menu                   (iv)       Information Menu

(ii)        Business event Menu              (v)        Planning Manu

(iii)       Attendance Menu                   (vi)       Resource menu

Tool Menu

Dynamic menus offer an alternative way of creating and maintaining the object used in training & event Management. The advantage of the menus us that you create data and access functions directly in the clearly structured environment of the business event hierarchy.

You access the various functions either via the menu or by clicking the right mouse button beside the object concerned.

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Business event Catalog:

The business event catalog is presented in a hierarchical form it is made up of 

Business event groups

Business event types.

Business event group: Grouping together of business event types that share the same characteristics or deal with the same subject matter.

Business event type: Prototype event including ale of the general attributes that apply to events of this type. The business event type is not scheduled to take place on a specific date. Business event types are assigned to Business event groups. Event groups and types from the basic framework of the business event catalog.

Business event: Specific occurrence Business type on a specific date. Business event (also referred to as a Business event date) inherits all attributes of the event type and is scheduled to take place on a specific date.→

Eg:       Language courses                                            Business event catalog

            Fresh                                                                Business event Group

           English                                                              English for Beginners

           Advance English                    

           Technical English                            

           Business Event Type                                         Business Event                                

            03/09/04 – 03/10/04                                      Technical English

            01/10/04 - 30/10/04                                       Advanced English        

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