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Welcome to TIBCO Spotfire Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide in depth understand of TIBCO Spotfire.

In addition to free TIBCO Spotfire Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions, issues and how to’s of TIBCO Spotfire.


TIBCO Spotfire is a handy tool for business intelligence data reporting, data visualization and for extracting useful meanings from the transactional and historical data in order to achieve business goals and to understand how a particular business domain is performing.

TIBCO Spotfire makes it easy for you to access, analyze and create dynamic reports on your data. It delivers immediate valuewhether you are a market researcher, a sales representative, a scientist or a process engineer by letting you quickly identify trends and patterns in your critical business data.

Spotfire can access data in a number of places such as on your desktop or in a network file system. It can even access your data if it is located in remote databases, without you having to involve your IT department each time you wish to ask a new question.

Spotfire lets you filter your data interactively, and gives you answers instantly. It also lets you rapidly create clear and concise, yet sleek and colorful visualizations in the form of bar charts, cross tables, scatter plots and many more valuable tools that will help you respond to events that affect your business.

And finally, Spotfire lets you share your results. Static reports can be limiting to good business in this fast-paced world of data, and Spotfire allows you to create dynamic reports that help you to ask new questions, as well as be able to quickly turn your reports into instant presentations to show to your colleagues and customers.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services is an add-on to the Spotfire Server that provides advanced data connectivity, transformation, caching and management. Spotfire Application Data Services provides direct connectivity to the data and metadata of the most common enterprise applications: SAP, SAP BW, Oracle eBusiness, Siebel and Salesforce.com. In addition, it provides an advanced foundation for quickly and easily building a “virtual data mart” that sits between a fixed, centralized data warehouse and Spotfire, giving Spotfire Administrators and Analysts complete control to optimize the data for use in Spotfire without modifying the generic data warehouse that is already in place.

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data is an add on to Spotfire Information Services that enables data retrieval from:

-SAP Netweaver BI (formerly SAP BW)

-SAP ERP (formerly SAP R/3)


-Siebel eBusiness Applications

-Oracle E-Business Suite

-and Web Services


These core tutorials that helps you to learn the fundamentals of the Tibco Spotfire platform. 
For in-depth knowledge and practical experience explore Online Tibco Spotfire Training.

TIBCO Spotfire Web Player

The zero-footprint web interface provides enterprise-class scalability, providing universal adaptability across geographically dispersed colleagues, customers, and business partners.

Enable thousands of users across the enterprise to enjoy the benefits of “1-click publishing,” as content and insights can be shared broadly

Harness the power of TIBCO Spotfire software’s contextual collaboration capabilities so insights can be viewed and shared across all types of users

View and navigate configured analysis workflows, with no software or plug-ins installed

Answer new questions with remarkable interactivity and visual clarity, far exceeding typical static reports

Embed analyses in social platforms, a corporate portal, Microsoft SharePoint®, or quickly integrate with other web applications to create data mashups.

TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Services

TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Services give decision makers greater ability to anticipate and solve business challenges earlier in the decision cycle by applying advanced statistical models without requiring detailed understanding of the underlying complexities of statistics. With advanced insight powered by TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Services, decision makers are better prepared to seize opportunities & avoid risks.

-Quantify and minimize the uncertainty associated with making decisions.

-Execute R, S+, SAS and MATLAB-based statistical models.

-Centrally manage and deploy statistical models and predictive analytics to mainstream users.

Spotfire Architecture

The Spotfire runtime is conceptually divided into model and view. The automation APIs control Spotfire execution, and the extension APIs enable developers to add functionality.


The Spotfire Runtime Structure is divided into Model and View. This distinction separates application state from user presentation, and defines the interaction. In Spotfire the Document Model Framework is responsible for building and maintaining the model.

Capture 84

Interactive data analysis in Spotfire is the manipulation of View objects. The end user actions are translated into manipulation of the Analysis Application and nodes in the Document. The main Spotfire view is a set of Forms and Controls. When a document has been loaded, the view is extended with more view objects corresponding to the different parts of the document, like pages, visualizations and filters.

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TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services (ADS)

Deliver the power of data mashups by connecting to a myriad of data sources and transactional systems, without heavy IT involvement. Capture 83

TIBCO Spotfire Analyst: File Data Sources

-Microsoft Excel Workbooks (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)

-Comma-Separated Values (.csv)

-Text (.txt)

-Microsoft Access Databases (.mdb, .mde)

-SAS Data Files (.sas7bdat, .sd2)

-Universal Data Link (.udl)

-Sfs-File (.sfs)

-ESRI Shape Files (.shp)

-Spotfire Formats

TIBCO Spotfire Developer

TIBCO Spotfire Developer enables your organization to turn the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform into a fully customized application, integrated with your unique business process and needs. The TIBCO Spotfire platform has a complete set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for not only configuring and automating the platform, but extending it with entirely new capabilities as well.


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