Fire Bug Installation steps in Selenium

2open launch  Firefox & open below URL

HTTP:// / /Firefox  /add on/ firebug/

2click on add to Firefox àclick on instance now

2Right click on field (or)element then click on inspect element with firebug ,take either ID(or)name from the highlighted section.

Note:-To work on any application we need to create the default selenium object as below

Default selenium =new default selenium(“”local host”,1234,” “* firefox”,”http:””)

2In the above object we need pass &parameters

1) Local host:-It is machine name on which scenario will execute the selenium server needs to be configure here

2)1234:-It is the port number on which selenium is running

3) fire fox:-It is the command to launch Firefox browser

4) http:-It is the protocol .we can provide the URL also here.

2Write a program to login into by using the prediction –Jan30selenium&selenium?

Note:-Its id name is not available or not working then we can go for css[cancadestyleshort].It is combination of game. class name.

Syntax:-css=tagname.class name


Note:-To launch toper IE use the command *ienta in default selenium object.

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If IE is not lunching opening then do below setting open IEàGo to toolsàclick in internet option



Unhandled the box enable protected mode


Above some on  1)internet

2)local internet

3)trusted sites

4)restricted sites|


click  apply


click ok in varing nums


Click ok

Package seleniumRC;


Public class mail-login{

Public static void main( string [] args){

//to do auto-generated method stub

Defaultselenium.selenium=new defaultselenium(“localhost”,1234,”*ient.a”,”http:”)



Selenium.type(“f-id”,”jar IDselenium”)




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2write a program to login into by using the creditial jarID selenium&selenium?

Defaultselenium.selenium=new defaultselenium(“localhost”,1234,”*ienta”,”http:”)





Note:-when ever the eclipse is throwing the error like words not contact selenium server .it means the server was stopped we need to short the selenium server by clicking on the external tool button.

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