A Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is a proprietary automated testing tool previously owned by the company Mercury Interactive before it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2006. The Selenium Tool Suite has many advantages over QTP (as of version 11) as detailed below

 Open source, free to use, and free of chargeCommercial
Highly extensibleLimited Add on's
Can run tests across different browsersCan only run tests in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome
Supports various operating systems Can only be used in Windows
 Supports mobile devices Supports mobile device using 3rd party software
 Can execute tests while the browser is minimized Needs to have the application under test to be visible on the desktop
 Can execute tests in parallel Can only execute in parallel but using Quality Center which is again a paid product

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The entire Selenium Tool Suite is comprised of four components:

Selenium IDE, a Firefox add-on that you can only use in creating relatively simple test cases and test suites.

Selenium Remote Control, also known as Selenium 1, is the first Selenium tool that allowed users to use programming languages in creating complex tests.

WebDriver, the newer breakthrough that allows your test scripts to communicate directly to the browser, thereby controlling it from the OS level.

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Selenium Grid is also a tool that is used with Selenium RC to execute parallel tests across different browsers and operating systems.

Selenium RC and WebDriver were merged to form Selenium 2.

Selenium is more advantageous than QTP in terms of costs and flexibility. It also allows you to run tests in parallel, unlike in QTP where you are only allowed to run tests sequentially.

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