Frameworks in Selenium

10 October, 2020


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Different Frameworks in Selenium

Def 1:- It is a combination of classes, methods, applications & libraries these all will combine together to work on the application & handling

Def 2:- The structural way of maintaining the scripts is known as frame work.

2Maintains means how we are developing the scripts. Is it easy to analysis, update, execute and review the report.

2we have multiple frame works.

1) module frame work

2) Data driver framework

3) key board driver frame work

4) Hybrid frame work

1) Modular framework:--

2It is the basic framework and also known as linear fw.

2The application will be divided into multiple modules by the automation engg

2He will develop the scripts for all the modules.

2Once the scripts are stable they will integrate in hierarchical order to execute.

Ex:-open url, login, compose, logout.


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2)Data driver framework:-

2From this framework onwards, Selenium introduces external files like excel extend XML, database a.tic to take the input data as well as to give the output results.

2It contains the driver scripts which is responsible for execution.

2Driver scripts don’t contain any of the test cases or test classes we will be available in the external file.

2Driver script will take the test data from the external file and executes hence we will call it has a data driver framework.


2If any change in the application can be updated in the external file .so maintenance is easy.

2Driver script can be developed based on the common fields in the application. so it is responsible for all kinds of applications.

2when the application is under development. The driver scripts can be developed.

It is suitable for Agile based applications

2If the application contains multiple fields like ido text boxes,100 buttons,100 check boxes etc. Not necessary to develop those many lines of code to work on the fields, we can use the driver scripts.


2Developing the driver scripts is a challenge, it needs an expectation

2To take all the project related information [test data, locators] is a challenge [problem]

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Keyword driver Framework:-

2keyboard means a step, it is a step by step execution

2It is very similar to manual testing

2Junit &test NG are keyword driver frameworks

2The way we have used to develop the test cases in manual testing the same can be followed in a keyboard driver framework by using j unit or test NG.



2)test scenario


Keyword driver:





2J unit &test NG predefined frameworks so the maintains is easy

2These will provide the test report also


2It is suitable for stable applications only

Hybrid Framework:-

2combinations of any two or more framework is known as hybrid framework

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