Staging Area in DataStage

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Miscellaneous Stage

Staging area – Retains data from 7 days to 1m other.

Compress And Expand

Both are interdependent stages

Used for doing Data Backup

Compress Stage 

Compress the data using COMPESS   (or) GZIP Commands.

  Compress stage  

118 records are compressed to 1 record.

Expand Stage

Expand the Compressed data using UNCOMPRESS or GUNZIP.

   Expand Stage

Encode and Decode 

Encrypts and Compresses

Encode and Decode


It is a processing  Stage used to cell the operators on to the Data stage

11The stage is an operator  11prebuilt component



IBM developed a tool called X – Migratory 11Converts Server jobs to parallel jobs 11 Conversion rate = 70%.

11X – Migratory when it is migratory / converting Server jobs to parallel jobs it is going to substitute those stages which are not these in a parallel environment with the generic stage call the functionality of the stage with its operator.


Reverse pivot 11 converting columns to rows

Pivot 11converting rows to columns

Ex:-     input:-

11   A    HYD

22   B   SEC

33  C    DEL


11   A 11   11 HYD
A   HYD 11   A HYD
HYD   B 22   22 Sec
22   SEC 22   B Sec
B (or) C 33 (or) 33 Del
Sec   Del 33   C Del

Sequential file 11pivot11 Data set     

Primary.txt                  properties11output

Columns                 Derivation                        length

COL1                   E ID, E NAME, STATE           100

COL2                 STATE                                             10  

11         Ok

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(a)  oracle – XML format

(b)    XML – file format

  • oracle enterprise 11XML output

Columns 11Description 11 /EMP/ EMP No   /EMP/ EMP NAME   /EMP/ JOB /EMP/ MGR

11Transformation setting    single row11optionàwrite output to a file 11new folder11 Data XML


11We can see the XML files in the folder that we created.  That is Data XML

11each and every record is created in an XML format.

Sequential file àXML inputàSequential file

11 File pattern  11Dataxml.xml 11load with single column rec varchar 100

Input 11XML Source column  11xml document 11output11 columns 11 load 11 import xml Table Definition  11open 11Data XML.

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