Distributing SilverLight Application Features to the Asp.net Projects

Open asp.net empty website

File 11New 11 web site11 visual c#  SAP.net empty website

Right click on project     11 add new item

11 web form

11 P

Right click on project      11 add existing item

11browse for .XAP file which was created using silver light





For reusing XAP file features in the default webpage go to default webpage source mode in the form fag<form id = “form1” run at = “server”>

<object data = “data:application / x – silver light – 2,”

type = “application/x-silver light -2” width = “100%” height = “100%” >

<param name  = “source” value = “silver light Application3.xap”/>




The object tag is used to integrate with various types of objects in the HTML pages. This tag creates workspace for objects we can integrate with various types of objects like audio, video, MS word, MS excel, images and etc.,

Object tag attributes or properties

Data:  using this property we can give information to the object which type of object we are integrating

Type: This property is used to give information to the browser which type of object we are integrating. This property takes MIME (Multipurpose Internet mail extension)

Param: This tag is used to define one parameter in the specified object

Param tag properties

Name:  This property refers integrating parameter source

Value: using this property we can decide which XAP file features integrating with specified object




DOM (Document object Model)

The DOM gives standards for implementing documents like HTML and XML The DOM is classified in to 3 types

Core DOM           -              standard Model for any structured document

XML DOM           -              standard Model

HTML DOM         - standard Model


AJAX (A synchronous Java script and XML)

Using Ajax we can implement client side validations and presentations, using AJAX we can update partial page from the client machine.

[Rich and responsive user interface

Reduced consumption of server resources

Script Manager is base control in AJAX]


JAVA Script

Scripting Languages used to implement client side validations and presentations, Java Script automatically executes along with the HTML page.


Silverlight plugin

The silver light plug – in is light weight component, for executing silver light features in all the browser s we have to install plug – in , XAP file execution starts in the browser by communicating , with silver light plug – In]

[XAP file checks for plug – in, it plug in exists then XAP file starts execution]


Silverlight 4 officially supported browsers

Microsoft  - Internet Explorer 6,7,8

Mozilla – Firefox 2 and 3

Apple  - safari 3 and 4

Google - chrome





This dll file communicates with the silver light plug – in while executing the XAP file


Application named.dll

This dll file maintains all silver light graphical features

[To see XAP File Architecture rename .XAP file to .rar file and extract it]