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16 October, 2020


Related Blogs MVC Architecture Overview MVC is a web application framework that implementing based on MVC pattern. i.e. ‘Model view controls’ àBased on this will allow the web developer to develop the web application in their composition.

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller MVC framework was developed by scat Guthrie (Chf. Architect Microsoft).

2The 1st version released was Dec-2007. MVC framework is an alternative to web forms, not a replacement.

2A complete clan library related to MVC is available in “system web.MVC” name space

2MVC is a standard design pattern, inserted and provide by the software industry.    

Components of MVC:

  Components of MVC


2Model is going to complete deal with D/b i.e. getting the data from D/B and updating the data to D/B etc.

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2Views are the components that will display the user interface (UI) elements.

2In general, this UI element is created from data of the model  


Controls are the components and that handles user interaction of the view and will work with the model.

2In general most of the features of are supported by MVC.

Master page, user controls, data bindings ASP file authentication, authorization, session, etc. MVC supports much more reciting mechanism SEO (search engine optimization) etc. MVC application is ‘TDD’ “Test Driven Development” which provides unit testing easily. MVC does not support view state, post back natures, etc.

2In the MVC frame that 3 components can be isolated and worked independently.

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