Microsoft gave a usage of AJAX usefulness known as ASP.NET AJAX. ASP.NET AJAX is an arrangement of expansions to ASP.NET and accompanies reusable AJAX controls. Utilizing ASP.NET AJAX, we can create applications that can refresh partial page instead of a complete page refresh.

What are the basic controls in ASP.NET AJAX?

Basic controls in ASP.NET AJAX






What are the difference between Server-Side AJAX framework and Client-side AJAX framework?

ASP.NET AJAX contains both a server-side Ajax structure and a customer side Ajax system. The server-side system gives designers a simple method to actualize Ajax usefulness, without possessing much learning of JavaScript. The structure incorporates server controls and parts and the intuitive usefulness. This structure is normally favored when you have to rapidly ajaxify an asp.net application. The weakness is that despite everything you require a round excursion to the server to play out a customer side activity.

The Client-Side Framework enables you to assemble web applications with rich client intelligence as that of a work area application. It contains an arrangement of JavaScript libraries, which is autonomous from ASP.NET. The library is getting rich in usefulness with each new build released.

What are the new Features of ASP.NET AJAX 4.0?

These Features are as per the following:

- It empowers the application to tie the live data.

- It empowers to render the customer side template.

- It empowers revelatory instantiation of customer parts.

- It gives spectator design on JavaScript objects and arrays.

- It gives the office to facility ADO.NET information administrations and information settings.

- It underpins for the DataView control.

What are the AJAX security issues?

JavaScript is on display to the client with by choosing view wellspring of the page. JavaScript can't get to the neighborhood document framework without the client's authorization.

- An AJAX communication must be accomplished with the servers-side part from which the page is stacked.

- An intermediary example can be utilized for AJAX communications with outer administrations.

- We should take care that the application show isn't uncovered such that our server-side parts are in danger if a client to figure out your application.

- Like some other web application we should utilize HTTPS to secure the association when touchy data is being.

What are AJAX limitations?

AJAX on an application won't work if JavaScript is disabled.

In a few scenarios, it uncovered defenselessness.

It will dependably be hard to bookmark application state.

Application conduct might be moderate in a few scenarios, because of different loading time of controls on a single page.

Define JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a reliable and safe data trade organize in JavaScript, which is easy for the clients as well as for the machines.

How to use AJAX in UpdateProgress control?

The UpdateProgress control is to some degree identified with the UpdatePanel control. The UpdateProgress control enables you to design an easy to use interface when a Web page comprises of various UpdatePanel controls for fractional page rendering.

The UpdateProgress control makes you aware of the status data about the halfway page refreshes in theUpdatePanel control.

What is the difference between XHTML and HTML?

XHTML is an adaptable markup language that empowers mechanized handling by standard XML tools, which was difficult in HTML. Extensible HTML (XHTML) is a markup language that gives the blend articulations of HTML and XML.

Would we be able to call server-side code from JavaScript?


Would we be able to settle the UpdatePanel controls?


What are ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 validation controls?


MaskedEditExtender and MaskedEditValidator