Difference  between ASP. NET web applications and ASP. NET MVC Application.


1.Border Requests are mapped to the web pages directly.

2.An ASP.NET web forms application is context -  centric.

3.Every web pages is inherited from system .web.ui.pagesclass.

4.the name space used in system .web.UI. am ra work chastunnava ?

5.provides RAD facilities for UI designer.

6.user server based forms and control.

7.Supports page and controls specific events to write the logic code.

8.Does not provide better support for test – driven development.

9.user view state an server based forms, which can make managing information easier.

  1. In general pluggable are not available for asp.net.

11.asp.net routing is available but includes file names extensions etc.

12.Does not contain MVC features.

13.Not light frame work.

14.Tightly coupled Environment.

15.Execution is slow.

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1.Browser requests are mapped to the controller Actions.

2.An asp.net mvc application in contact is application logic centric.

3.every view page is inherited  from system.web.mvc.viewpageclass

4.the name space used is system.web.mvc

5.doesnot provide RAD facilities for UI Designe

6.does not use server based forms (or) controls.

7.doesnot support page and controller specific events to write the logic code, rather action method are used.

8.provides better support for test driven development .

9.doennot use view state (or) server based forms. This mvc frame work idle for developers who want full control over the behavior of an application.

10.An Extensible and pluggatie   frame work . you can plug in your own view engine

11.extensible support for asp.net routing, which is a powerful url-mapping component urls do not have to include file. Name extensions, and are designed to support .url naming palters that work well for “Search engine optimization”  (SEO).

12.Suppoorts all existing asp.net features

13.lightweight frame work

14.loosly coupled environment

15.Execution is faster.

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