Special Procurements In Sap MM

22 September, 2020


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Sub-Contracting Scenario

1. Create Materials with type ROH (Raw Material), HALB (Semi-finished), ERSA (Spare Parts), which are procured Externally. Components – 2 nos. Main Assembly 1 no.

2. Maintain BOM with components by using Transaction code CS01. Any waste or scrap generated or received can be maintained as a component with a negative quantity.

3. Maintain the Initial stock of components in the plant, which you are going to send to the vendor for the subcontract.

4. Create a Purchase Info Record with the info category as ‘Subcontracting’ for material and vendor.

5. Create a Subcontracting Purchase Order (with Item category ‘Subcontracting’ i.e. ‘L’) and see that BOM explodes. Otherwise, enter components manually.

6. Make a Transfer Posting to issue components for the Subcontract Purchase Order so that material is sent to the Subcontracting Vendor. Here the Quantity is shown as ‘Material provided to Vendor’ if you look at the stock of that components in the MMBE transaction code. (Maintain in ME20)

7. Make Goods Receipt (Transaction code – MIGO_GR) for the finished material or Main Assembly against Subcontract Purchase Order. Here the moment type 543 will be triggered automatically for the components consumed by the vendor and moment type 545 will also be triggered in case of is there any Bi-products from the vendor.

8. So a totally of three (3) accounting documents will be generated.

a. For finished goods received into stock.

b. For subcontracting/service charges/making charges payable to SC Vendor.

c. Components consumed – Materials provided to Vendor.

9. Do invoice Verification for the Subcontracting Purchase Order and the process will be completed. Now to get Bi-Product into our Plant stocks does movement type 542.

10. Six (6) Accounting Documents will be triggered for subcontracting materials.

        PK                                 Account                           Description

  1.      89                                  79000                             Unfinished Product
  2.      96                                   191100                            GR/IR Account
  3.      91                                    893010                          Cost of Goods Sold
  4.      86                                    417001                           Purchased Services
  5.      99                                    300000                         Inventory Raw Material
  6.      81                                    400020                          Raw Material Consumed

Stock Transport Order Scenario

• You are Purchasing the Material internally by transforming the goods movement type [UB] and Item category [U]

• There are two types of Stock Transport Orders

A) Inter-Company Stock Transport Order (Between Companies)

B) Intra Company Stock Transport Order (With In the Company)

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A) Inter-Company Stock Transport Order (Between Companies)

image (2)

Pre Requisites:

  1. The material should exist in both plants and it should have a sales view. [or Create material with sales data and extend to both Supplying and Receiving plants]
  2. Material Type should be Semi Finished (HALB) or Finished (FERT) product or Trading goods(HAWA)
  3. Both company codes should have Common Division.

Note: There can be a price difference between the material in both plants. There will be a cross-company billing.

Settings :

Supplying Plant (PL1)                                                                                            Receiving Plant (PL2)

1. Create customer (XD01) with a/c group                                                                  Create Supplying plant (PL1) as Vendor (XK01) Ship-to-Party (0002) and Receiving Plant (PL2)                                                      With Account Group 0007- in Purchasing view--> As customer                                                                                                                        Go to extras --> enter supplying plant

IMG Settings:                                                                                                              IMG Settings:

SPRO--> MM --> Purchasing -->PO --> Setup STO                                                  SPRO--> MM --> Purchasing -->PO -->  Setup STO

Define Shipping Data for Plants -->                                                                                Define Shipping Data for Plants -->

Customer No Plant -----No customer Number                                                                 Customer No Plant -----PL1

Sales org -- Supply Plant S Org                                                                                            Sales org -- Receiving Plant S Org Distr. chan -- Supply Plant Dist Chan                                                                                 Distr. chan -- Receiving Plant Dist Chan. Int comp.bill Div - Important <---(both should have the same div.)--> Int comp.bill Division - Important

 2. Document type: NB                                                                                                           2. Document type: NB Delivery type: NLCC                                                                                                               Delivery type: NLCC



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