22 September, 2020


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SAP Lumira is data manipulation and visualization tool. You can connect to various data sources, select and clean data, manipulate and visualize data with a diverse offer of graphical charts and tables. SAP Lumira is installed locally and can operate on data either remotely or on locally stored datasets. The charts that are created can be saved and sent out by email. Your datasets can be published to SAP Hana, SAP Explorer, the SAP Lumira Cloud, and SAP Streamwork activities. The charts that you create in SAP Lumira are saved in documents with the file format.SViD. This is a document that contains the data source connection information, the data definition and data, and the visualizations.

Create a document and acquire a dataset from a Microsoft Excel file

sap lumira dataset

Click on New Document

SAP Lumira

sap lumira source

sap lumira

sap lumira


sap lumira acquiring data

sap lumira


sap lumira

sap lumira

Acquire a dataset from a universe

 Create a New Document

sap lumira

Select Universe

sap lumira

Design Query.

sap lumira design query

Acquire a dataset from a database using Freehand SQL

 Create a new document

sap lumira create a document

sap lumira

Provide details

sap lumira

Select Source table & Write Query

sap lumira source table

sap lumira

Building Visualizations and Storyboards

1) Manage measures in a dataset

 Execute Query

sap lumira storyboards

Delete column

sap lumira delete column

sap lumira remove color code

Create a measure

sap lumira yoga west


sap lumira change aggregation

Sort, rank, calculate, and filter values in a visualization

Execute any Query

sap lumira execute any query

Select any measure & set order

sap lumira measures

sap lumira ranking

Can calculate

sap lumira calculate

sap lumira

Sharing Results

Export a dataset as a HANA

 Execute Query

sap lumira export a dataset

Create a View

sap lumira

sap lumira publish

Publish a dataset to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

 Create a Query & publish to Explorer

sap lumira

Select Folder & Click on Publish

sap lumira Publish

Log on to launchpad & check your report in a foldersap lumira document

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