SAP HANA Attribute Views

We can create this view on master tables

Here we can take one or more tables

Be case of multiple tables we need to join them with cardinalities

Will get selected tables in data foundation tab

We need to use output pave to create structure of view

In output pave we have two folders

1) Attributes (fields form TABLES in BATN FOUNDATION)

2) Calculated attributes (to customized objects to perform calculator on attributes which are available in output pave by using functions, operation provided by SAP)

Note:- be attribute folder we must take at least one key attribute.

Attribute view we can create two types of hierarchies

1) Level based hierarchy             Based on Level.

2) Parent child hierarchy            slier we can create hierarchy for key field in attribute folder

In parent child hierarchy we must provide parent for key attribute of attribute view

Note:- WE can create either calculated attribute / Hierarchy based on attributes under attribute folder in output pave.

Note:- here we want  to use massive

Validate & Activate

Our attribute view will appear in our package as well as – sys – Bic schema.

SAP HANA Analytic Views

It is used to define multi discussional view (OLAP cube) Based on database tables, attribute views and faints of a specific table

Create Package

Create Analytic View

Select Tables (1 or more)

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Note:- We must take at least one fact table

Select any member of attributes vies

Will get tables under data foundation pane

Join them with cardinalities

In output pave will create structure of analytic view

Under attribute view folder will get selected attribute views

In private view folder will take fields from tables under data foundation pave.

We can create custom objects under calculated attribute folder to perform calculations on dimension touch are available in private attribute folder and attribute folder

Take measures from table available in DATA foundation

Create custom objects to perform calculations on measures which are available measures under measure folder

We can create restricted key figure to restrict key figure volumes based on dimension volumes

Here we can include or exclude values

Create variables to pass values at runtime

After creating objects

Go to logic view pave and map data foundation table and attribute views table.

Validate & Activate

Will get view under –sys—BIC

SAP HANA Calculation Views

We can create calculation view in two ways

1)           Graphical

2)           Script

SAP Hana Calculation view is to perform calculations on tables, attribute view, analytical view and calculated view.

In Graphical view we can join two more tables or views as well as we can perform union and projections

In Graphical view we can perform union and projections

In SQL based calculated view we can write SQL statements to perform calculations on views, tables,

It place major role in SAP HANA to perform calculations on tables and views

Note:- In Information composer we can create only on tables, analytical, attribute and calculated views

Calculated View with Graphical

Right click as package

Create view calculated view

Select Graphical type

Select tables

Note:- We used select at least one fact table

Select views (Attribute, analytical and calculated views)

We will get three screens

First screen will get selected tables / views

In second screen will get components of tables / views in first screen

In third screen output structure


Create calculated view on single table / view

Step 1 :-  Create new calculated view

Step 2:-  Select table / view

Step 3:-  In first screen will get table/view and component of output structure.

Step 4:-  Select projection component in first screen

Note:- Projection is component to increase the performance of retrieving the data from database and we can calculate for new values.

In first screen connect table / view to projection and connect projection to output structure component.

Select projection component in first screen will get table in second screen

Select fields for output column and right click set as output column

Select output structure in fist screen so will get table in second screen which contains selected output columns in projection

Again select fields for dimensions, select fields for measures,

Create calculated attribute objects to perform calculations on attributes which are available in attributes in output

Create calculated measure to perform calculations on measures which are available in output screen

Create variable to parameters to respect key figure value based on attribute values


Activate it

View Scenarios





Note:- We must take attest are fait table & we must take at least  one measure

Projection always recommended to take for tables and views to increase the performance

Here we can exculpate view columns and variables

Whatever we take Column for output pane will get in output structure and we need to classify those objects as attributes, measures in output structure

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