1. Agenda

Selected SAP HANA consulting services (15min)

  • Planning assessment service
  • Technical installation service
  • In-memory lab service
  • In-memory lab service


deployment solution (RDS) for ERP operation reporting (35 min)

  • RDS description (5 min)
  • System demo based on SBOP reporting UI’s SAP business client for SAP HANA modally studio (25 min)
  • Implementation approach based on a predefined RDS consulting service (5 min)

Outlook for consulting services and Rapid- deployment solution with SAP HANA (5 min)

Session evaluation (5mni) 



SAP HANA Global services portfolios:-

Adopter for SAP HANA made easier with SAP

Consulting services:-

It helps you with:-

  • Business scoping
  • Expert technical guidance
  • Best practices
  • Defining your SAP HANA road map
  • Labs services
  • Rapid deployment services
  • ……………… and more



SAP HANA Consulting services


  1. SAP HANA Assessment


1)  Identity specific use cases for delivering maximum benefit to business and IT

  1. Businessl vaue:

  • Minimize deployment risks and maximize cost efficiency
  • Identify potential quick wins to verdure time to value
  • Plan and pretzel investments based specific SAP HANA road nap & first sized information
  • Finalize information to become really to – run with SAP HANA



  1. Deliver ably:

  • Delivers recommendations inducing tangible benefits, ROI and road map strategy for 1 & 1
  • Business scenario definition / prioritization
  • Land scope Integration strategy
  • Hard ware sizing assistance


SAP HANA Assessment:-

Service content:-

  • Share SAP In-memory strategy and this customer benefits for selected business accrues, deliver SAP HANA overview presentation
  • Conduct interviews with IT & lines of Business for defined (and new) use cases with the key value drivers, sizes & pre- requirements check
  • Technical Q & A with IT (installation & configuration, operational concept, etc.,)
  • Quantatify value by key business process / use causes
  • Final result presentation.


Service Delivery:-

  • 5 upto max – loaders duration onsite & offsite
  • Min .2 expert consultants (technical & functional Architects)
  • Consulting Efforts depends on Nome of scenarios to be examined
  • Fired prior based on prior agreement on number of scenario / lines of business to be inter view


Predefined planning Assignment for SAP HANA agenda example:-

Topic                                                                                            Attendees


  • Introduction -   All
  • Customer explains background for demand -   Customer Business IT
  • Provide SAP HANA basics, required sky 4 -   SAP solution Architect, All

    road map                                                                            -   IT for SAP consultants

  • Customer explains reporting strategy & -   SAP consultants & IT

    landscape                                                                           -   SAP consultant.

  • Reporting strategy & landscape Q & A
  • Develop high level SAP HANA integration



  • Develop high level SAP HANA integration -   SAP consultants


  • Present high level SA{ HANA integration   -   SAP solutions architect 4.3T


  • Indentify pain point areas / relevant   -   All (could be separated by LDB’s)

    business scenarios


  • Identify paint point areas / relevant -   All (addition LOB’s)

    business  scenarios

  • Summarize, refine 4 valuate scenarios -   SAP consultants


  • Present result from scenario analysis -   SAP solution architect of all
  • Prioritize scenarios -   Business & IT
  • Provide information fir herd ware -   IT


  • Develop customer specific SAP HANA -   All

    road map based on scenarios & SAP

    HANA product road map


  • Technical Q & A (Authorization, data, -   SAP Technical consultant

    Cleaning, etc.,

  • Prepare Hardware sizing -   SAP Technical consultant
  • Present and Discuss sizing & -   SAP Solution Architect

    PERTAMANCE aspects


  • Prepare final presentation -   SAP Technical consultants & IT
  • Conduct final presentation -   SAP Solution Architect & All
  • Define next steps -   ALL


Technical Installation services:-

We need to do two steps-

1:            Predefined installation of SAP HANA appliance software

  1. a) Connecting HANA DB to source system
  2. b) Technical knowledge transfer
  3. c) SAP SBOP DS for non-SAP system