22 September, 2020


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Selected SAP HANA consulting services (15min)

  • Planning assessment service
  • Technical installation service
  • In-memory lab service
  • In-memory lab service


deployment solution (RDS) for ERP operation reporting (35 min)

  • RDS description (5 min)
  • System demo based on SBOP reporting UI’s SAP business client for SAP HANA modally studio (25 min)
  • Implementation approach based on a predefined RDS consulting service (5 min)

Outlook for consulting services and Rapid- deployment solution with SAP HANA (5 min) Session evaluation (5mni)     

SAP HANA Global services portfolios:

Adopter for SAP HANA made easier with SAP

Consulting services

It helps you with:

  • Business scoping
  • Expert technical guidance
  • Best practices
  • Defining your SAP HANA road map
  • Labs services
  • Rapid deployment services
  • ……………… and more



SAP HANA Consulting services  

Inclined to build a profession as SAP HANA Developer? Then here is the blog post on, explore SAP HANA Training

SAP HANA Assessment

Identify specific use cases for delivering maximum benefit to business and IT

Business value

  • Minimize deployment risks and maximize cost-efficiency
  • Identify potential quick wins to verdure time to value
  • Plan and pretzel investments based specific SAP HANA road map & first sized information
  • Finalize information to become really to – run with SAP HANA

Deliver ably

  • Delivers recommendations inducing tangible benefits, ROI, and road map strategy for 1 & 1
  • Business scenario definition / prioritization
  • Land scope Integration strategy
  • Hardware sizing assistance

 SAP HANA Assessment

Service content

  • Share SAP In-memory strategy and this customer benefits for selected business accrues, deliver SAP HANA overview presentation
  • Conduct interviews with IT & lines of Business for defined (and new) use cases with the key value drivers, sizes & pre-requirements check
  • Technical Q & A with IT (installation & configuration, operational concept, etc.,)
  • Quantify value by key business process/use causes
  • Final result presentation.

 Service Delivery

  • 5 up to the max – loaders duration onsite & offsite
  • Min .2 expert consultants (technical & functional Architects)
  • Consulting Efforts depends on the Nome of scenarios to be examined
  • Fired prior based on prior agreement on the number of scenario/lines of business to be an interview

Predefined planning Assignment for SAP HANA agenda example:- Topic Attendees


  • Introduction - All
  • The customer explains the background for demand -   Customer Business IT
  • Provide SAP HANA basics, required sky 4 -SAP solution Architect, All road map - IT for SAP consultants
  • Customer explains reporting strategy & - SAP consultants & IT landscape - SAP consultant.
  • Reporting strategy & landscape Q & A
  • Develop high-level SAP HANA integration


SAP HANA Tutorials



  • Develop high-level SAP HANA integration - SAP consultants strategy
  • Present high-level SA{ HANA integration   - SAP solutions architect 4.3T strategy
  • Identify pain point areas / relevant   - All (could be separated by LDB’s) business scenarios


  • Identify paint point areas / relevant -   All (addition LOB’s) business  scenarios
  • Summarize, refine 4 valuate scenarios -   SAP consultants


  • The present result from scenario analysis - SAP solution architect of all
  • Prioritize scenarios - Business & IT
  • Provide information for herd ware - IT sizing
  • Develop customer-specific SAP HANA - All road map based on scenarios & SAP HANA product road map


  • Technical Q & A (Authorization, data, - SAP Technical consultant Cleaning, etc.,
  • Prepare Hardware sizing - SAP Technical consultant
  • Present and Discuss sizing & - SAP Solution Architect PERTAMANCE aspects


  • Prepare final presentation - SAP Technical consultants & IT
  • Conduct final presentation - SAP Solution Architect & All
  • Define next steps - ALL

Technical Installation services:

We need to do two steps- 1: Predefined installation of SAP HANA appliance software

a) Connecting HANA DB to the source system

b) Technical knowledge transfer

c) SAP SBOP DS for non-SAP system


For in-depth knowledge on SAP HANA, click on below

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