SAP ERP RDS for Profitability Analysis with SAP HANA – Data Provisioning
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SAP ERP RDS for profitability analysis with SAP HANA – data provisioning

Using the CO-PA replication program/transaction KEHW (image page No 361 Not clear) Actual and plan line items are always transferred (CE1 and CE2) Realignment data (CE4) are transferred if customized in kehc – basic settings

SAP ERP RDS for profitability analysis with SAP HANA – data provisioning

Performance & frequency considerations

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The initial load can take substantial time

Measurements are showing 3-20 Mio CE1 records per hour. The bottleneck is rather on reading the traditional database. Example: 60 Mio records in CE1 + 4 Mio records in CE4 => --  hours processing

NO downtime is required

CO-PA reporting and processing can continue, HANA accelerator will not become active before data has been transferred

Schedule the program frequently to ---- id long reading time from traditional database

CO-PA read function module will federate data from HANA and from original tables, The more frequent you run the replication, the less data needs to be read from the original tables Proposal: Schedule replication program once per day. Analyze the performance trace. If read access to the original table consumes more time than HANA access, increase the frequency.

The CO-PA accelerator should decrease the total load on the traditional database. SAP ERP RDS for profitability analysis with SAP HANA – data provisioning

Segment table/realignment data

Relevant entries in the CE4 table are automatically transferred during initial load Changes to existing CE4 entries are transferred at the end of realignment run automatically

  • Realignment accelerator status is set to red
  • The application tries to replicate changed entries to HANA
  • If successful, the CO-PA accelerator becomes operational again
  • If not successful, a message will be shown and status ------- red until program RKE_HDB_WRITE_REALIGNMENT_DATA has been run successfully

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