SAP CRM Interview Questions

22 September, 2020


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SAP CRM Interview Questions

Are you planning to attend an interview for the SAP CRM Developer role but confused on how to crack that interview and also what would be the most probable SAP CRM  Interview Questions that the interviewer may ask? Well, you have reached the right place. Tekslate has collected the most frequently asked SAP CRM Interview Questions which are often asked in multiple interviews.

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Q1) What is the action profile in the sap CRM? how to use complaints and returns the life cycle in the service process?

Ans: Action Profile is a Post Processing Framework (PPF) which gives some output (like a smart form, fax, document ) on given conditions.

And this is used in every place in SAP CRM where we define the Conditions for the successful implementation of the activity. like in Opportunity Management, Monitoring the Activity of the enterprise employees, etc.

Q2) How to find the target group & what is the flow of BP to the Target group?

Ans: In marketing to execute a campaign, you need a Target group.

The target group in simple words is nothing but a group of BP’s. You can create a target group in the segment builder (T- code CRMD_MKTSEG).

Q3) Explain some examples of business objects, customizing objects, condition objects?

Ans: Business objects are business partner sales order etc customizing objects are customizing country, customizing time zone, etc, conditions objects are pricing related

Q4) How is the job market for sap CRM?

Ans: The market for CRM not too good it is just ok...

The main problem is no one is perfect so we don't get guidance from anybody.......we have to struggle ourselves.

Q5) How to integrate R/3 with CRM?

Ans: To exchange data between ECC ( R3 ) and CRM systems we need to maintain connectivity for both systems. Please ask your Basis consultant to do the following configuration.

Maintain Logical Systems in both systems and link with respective clients.

Maintain RFC destinations in both systems pointing to each other system.

Maintain Number ranges as mirror images in both systems.

Ex: Maintain same number range in ECC as Internal and in

CRM as External or vice versa.

Q6) Below are the steps for the integration between R 3 & CRM?
Ans: SAP ECC :

Define a logical system for ECC ( Name )

Define a logical system for CRM ( To establish the cross-connection )

Identify the data which you wanted to copy to CRM

Assign logical system to the client


Define a logical system for CRM

Define a logical system for ECC

Assign logical system to a client

Copy the required data from ECC.

Q7) What is master data in sap CRM?

Ans: Master Data is org & CP basic data which are mandatory for creating org & CP in the CRM system.

EX: Org Name & address details & Contact details and CP related Names and contact details.

Q8) Suppose we have created an organizational structure in a non-sap system and how we will transfer this organizational structure to another non-sap system?

Ans: Through the Batch job, we can transfer the non-spa org structure to another non-sap org structure.

we can transfer non-sap to sap and sap to non-sap through

Batch Job.

check SM36

To monitor batch job SM37

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Q9) What is the standard transaction type for a quotation?

Ans: Transaction type - AG

Item category - AGN

Q10) How many tabs are there in the navigation bar?

Ans: The navigation bar concept comes in WEB UI

The navigation bar profile is defined in CRMC_UI_NBLINKS Based on how you define, you can have different work centers for different Navigation bar profiles.

SAP CRM Technical Interview Questions

Q11) Whether a sap consultant works on a development server or testing server?

Ans: It depends on the Landscape of your environment

Example: Sandbox – Development – Testing or Quality -Production

In the support process usually, you replicate the issue that the user has got in the testing or quality environment and then try for a solution.

In Implementation, the sandbox is used as a rough book to try implementing and doing experiments, later you do a clean configuration in Development and then transport the same to Testing or Quality and finally go live to the production environment.

Note: The above mentioned is just an example, the landscape and process can be different from organization to organization.

Q12) Can we download data from data sets/Info sets?

Ans: Attribute sets, Info sets, BW query, and ELM are the different data sources for segmentation.

Q13) How many types of campaigns are theirs?

Ans: There are different types of campaigns like E-mail campaigns, Call list can be generated, Campaigns can be run to create leads, etc.,

Q14) What type of Business Scenario you are following in your Project? Business Scenario means what?

Ans: The business scenario is nothing but what is the process, like for example how is the CRM application used by your client.

Example: for us, the sales reps from different locations in the US raise the sales orders in the CRM system and they flow to R/s and we also implemented the marketing module to run the e-mail campaigns for the product promotions.

Q15) Quotation transaction type comes under which functionality in CRM?

Ans: Quotation transaction type: AG

  • Create or Generate leads with Marketing Campaign
  • Track, qualify, and close opt
  • Manage and track ERP quotations
  • Process ERP Sales Orders
  • Fulfill logistics needs
  • Process invoices in ERP
  • Manage account parables.
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